10 Tips To Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding At Home

Image source: deteroutdoor.com

The recent outbreak of Zika virus has left us all on edge, so here are some tips on how to prevent these pesky mosquitoes from breeding in your home, and to guard against bites.

Prevent Breeding

The most important thing is to drain all areas where water could collect and hence serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore some key areas you should take note off are:

  • change water in vases and bowls on alternate days
  • remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days
  • turn over all water storage containers
  • keep the area under drainage trays are dry at all times
  • Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use
  • Clear blockages in drains
  • Put BTI insecticide in roof gutters regularly

Preventing bites

There are many simple things you can do to reduce the chance of mosquitoes biting you. Here are some ways:

  • Wear light coloured, long sleeved shirts and long pants.
  • Make sure they are loose fitting as mosquitoes can still bite through tight clothing that cling to your skin
  • Stay in places with air conditioning
  • Use insect repellant - you can make you own with natural ingredients like cinnamon leaf oil, citronella oil, or vanilla oil, which have proven to be effective in repelling against mosquitoes


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