2 Major MUST-KNOWs before you buy a Mattress!

2 simple questions to ask when buying your next mattress

1) Pocket Springs vs Pocket spring coils? 

The next time you are shopping for a mattress, make sure to ask if it is made of pocket springs or coils. YES! It makes a big difference! Pocket Springs tend to have an obvious price advantage, which makes them really affordable, no fault there. But if you want to get a really, Really REALLY good night's rest, then you're going to want to get the Pocket Spring Coils. 

Pocket Spring Coil technology is not new, its been around for awhile now, but the obvious price difference is what gets people all confused, wondering why this mattress is SOOOOOoooo expensive. Remember those TV ads in the past that look something like this: 

Source: Mattress Central

It is not just comfortable, its healthy! Doctors recommend it not just for people with back problems, but to everyone! Sleep is arguably the most important time and takes up most parts of our lives, so if we get this right, we are going to be able to sleep better and #LiveBetter. 

2) Memory Foam vs Latex? 

Just like Pocket Springs vs Pocket Spring Coils, the same kind of difference can be said of choosing between Memory Foam and Latex. Once again, there is nothing wrong with the obvious price point difference and affordability that Latex offers. Whereas Memory foam mattress are recommended by Doctors for the natural ability of the material to contour to the shape of your body and provide the healthiest form of sleep you can get! 

   Source: HipVan

The main difference that people will usually notice is the "Feel" you get from the mattress. Whether you prefer sinking into the mattress instantly or if you prefer the harder mattresses. It's not all about what the doctors recommend is it? 

So, instead of just having to choose from one of the materials, our geniuses from HipLab have constructed Levitate! A mattress that provides Memory Foam, Latex and Cooling Fabric that gives you that cool plush comfort and the right amount of bounce* needed to prevent that sinking feeling! 

Remember, it's not just about the mattress, it's how we can #livebetter 

 Theodore from HipVan


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