3 Reasons To Engage A Professional Mover

A guest post by ServisHero

There are only a few things in life more stressful than moving - you’ll need to pack up your entire life from one place, while simultaneously adjusting to your new environment. While most of us might be tempted to rent a lorry instead of engaging a professional when moving - picking the latter might actually save us a lot of money, time and unwanted stress. If you are planning on moving soon, it might prove useful to spend a minute reading this article, so that you can save a fortune later.

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1. Cost

On paper, it appears as though renting a lorry is less expensive than hiring a professional mover. However, we tend to neglect the other factors that drive up the costs when moving without any professional help. There’s the overhead cost of buying boxes, insurance and fuel that are not included in the rental cost of a lorry. Do not be fooled by the “$20 an hour for rental” ad in your local classified - chances are you’ll be coughing up a lot more cash later. On the flipside, professional movers generally always provide end to end services, which explains the higher prices. Believe us, when you’re muddled in the stress of moving out. It’s best to opt for a fuss free experience and hire someone that makes sure you and your belongings arrive at the new place in one piece.

2. Experience

Consumers often underestimate the difficulty of moving. The reality is that packing and moving is labour intensive and stressful. Lugging bulky items like your television and sofa is backbreaking work. Risking your health to save a few bucks just isn’t worth it. Professional movers are trained to lift heavy loads, and also have the correct machinery to do so. They minimise the risk of injury and the stress of making sure everything is in place. Sometimes, it’s better to leave it to the experts!

3. Damaged Items

There is always the risk of damaging your items when relocating from one place to another. When you pack and load your own items, you are responsible for the safety of your goods. Having a professional mover onboard will mitigate unnecessary risks. Not only are they experts in packing all sorts of items but you can also take comfort in the fact that your belongings will be insured should any unexpected damages occur. After all, you wouldn’t want to damage that century old vase, or that irreplaceable painting just because it wasn’t bubble wrapped properly right?

In short, hiring a professional mover can seem like it is more expensive than renting a lorry. But as outlined above, there are many advantages that professional moving services provide and it will be well worth the investment. It reduces much hassle and uncertainty, and might even lead to greater cost savings down the road - both literally and figuratively.

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