3 Ways To Switch Up Your Workspace At Home So You're Constantly Inspired

Whether you're working from home as a freelancer or as part of a remote working situation, creating a workspace at home that constantly keeps you inspired can be a challenge. When working at the same workspace every single day, it's inevitable that you'll eventually become tired of your space, resulting in lower productivity and creativity. To avoid being faced with this situation, here are 3 simple (and affordable) ways to switch up your space so that you can continue being inspired, maintaining your productivity and performance even whilst working from home!

1. Move things around 

One of the most inexpensive ways to switch up your space and change your environment would be to move things around. You don't necessarily have to add new pieces to your room to switch up your workspace. Simply change up the configuration of your home office and move your furniture around. For instance, rather than constantly facing the wall while you work, why not place your desk right in front of the window? This also includes the decor pieces — e.g art pieces, vases, books and plants — on your shelves, bookshelves and walls. 

Clutter-free aesthetic looking workdesk    Bookshelf decorated with vintage books and antiques

2. Change up your walls 

If you're currently staring at a blank wall while you work, it might be a good time to introduce some wall art, pictures, prints and other decor pieces onto your walls. Apart from helping to occupy some space on your walls to make them feel less empty, they can also be a great way to personalise your space, to create a more cozy and comforting environment. 

Gather some of your favourite prints, posters, pictures or quotes and stick them onto your walls. Decorating your walls with these pieces also makes it easy to switch things around and change up your environment in the future. 

Styling the wall facing workdesk   Creating a moodboard on the wall in front of work desk

Ultimately, focus on creating a space that's visually pleasing and one that puts you in a good mood! Doing so will naturally keep you feeling motivated, productive and inspired. 

3. Introduce new scents 

Another easy way to switch up your environment is to introduce new scents, through candles, diffusers, room sprays or essential oils. Recent studies have demonstrated that scents can evoke certain memories, which can have an effect on lifting one's mood and lowering one's stress level. These studies have also suggested the effect that scents can have on other things like memory, concentration, attention and cognitive function, all of which can help to increase productivity and boost one's work performance. 

If you're looking for ways to boost your performance, consider introducing citrus scents into your workspace. Citrus scents have been found to be effective at energising and increasing one's alertness. They have also been suggested to be effective at shortening one's response time and reducing the number of mistakes or errors committed. 

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For something that's more calming, choose a scent that contains lavender, which has long been demonstrated as an effective and soothing scent that helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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