4 Easy Tips to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

A guest post by ServisHero

Image Source: Pacific HVAC Air Conditioning

Living on an island that is hot and humid all year round can be immensely challenging. For many Singaporeans, our favourite solution to the problem is to switch on that trusty air conditioning unit. While air conditioning provides an ideal environment for our work and sleep, it causes another headache - overly expensive electricity bills!

Here are some innovative ways to save those valuable dollars, and also the environment.

1. Set your air con unit to an appropriate temperature

It’s counter-productive when your temperature inside is set to such a low point that everyone whips out their jackets to keep warm. Air conditioners are meant for enjoyment and not torture. Every 1-degree increase in temperature decreases your electricity bill by about 10%. We recommend setting your unit to an ideal temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. This provides comfort and avoids overworking the air conditioning unit.

2. Purchase an energy efficient air con

To help customers better identify the more energy efficient air conditioning model, the National Environment Agency has a “Tick Rating” attached to each model. When making your purchase, choose one with 4 (Very Good) to 5 (Excellent) ticks. Don’t let the higher price tag put you off, you’ll incur much more savings in the long run.

3. Get those windows tinted

Many homeowners love their full length windows as it brings in natural light and creates a classier feel to their apartment. However, they forget how easily this causes their entire space to heat up, turning their home into a sauna. Window films are one of the most cost-effective methods to beat the heat and can easily be installed. Not to mention, they provide some extra privacy too. If you’re unwilling to spend on window films, just remember to draw your curtains to keep those sun rays from entering during the afternoons.

4. Service your air con regularly

It is recommended to schedule an annual servicing for your air conditioning units especially if you use them frequently. As the units runs, dust and dirt tends to accumulate in the air filters and this affects overall efficiency. Over time, it wears out the appliance and could potentially damage the entire air conditioning system too.

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