4 Ways You Can Improve Your Health By Bringing The Outdoors Home

Imagine taking a walk in a forest - birds chirping atop lush green trees accompanying the scent of morning dew on grass. We all sense that spending time in nature is good for us but there are actual scientific studies which prove outdoors benefit both our health and happiness like relieving stress, restoring mental energy, and boosting immune system.  

But in this time and age of the millennial era where borders are crossed between office and home, work and relax, it has become increasingly difficult to find time for ourselves, much less head to the outdoors to absorb some of the naturally good vibes!

So why not intertwine nature with your everyday living to find a good balance. Here are 4 ways you can enjoy the outdoors without actually living in a tropical forest (yes please!): 

1. Mix Prints and Patterns

Wall Art & Decals

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Introducing tropical prints and patterns into your home is the simplest way to include the outdoors without breaking the bank. Begin with small home furnishing items before diving in to plastering your wall with a wallpaper of the beach. Decorative cushions are a good way to liven up your living room with a pop of color. Alternatively, pick your favourite tropical art print and frame it on the wall! 

2. Build An Indoor Garden

Vases, Pots & Botanicas

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Home owners with green fingers, rejoice! This is the perfect excuse to pick up that pot and spade again. Start with succulents which require little attention and work your way towards herbs and air plants. And for the rest of us who can’t seem to keep a cactus alive, opt for faux plants instead! Building an indoor garden doesn’t require a patio or balcony. Maximise your home’s square footage by DIY-ing a vertical garden. 

3. Use Natural Materials

Armchairs & Ottomans

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The eco-friendly movement is making a comeback and only rightfully so. Feel closer to nature by using natural materials in your furniture and interior design. Not only are natural materials more durable, they provide a classic timeless personality to your home. The versatility of natural materials also allows you to mix and match with furniture made of artificial materials to create a unique living space. 

4. Allow Natural Light To Come In

Dining Room Sets

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Daylight promotes creativity and enhances positivity. Naturally brighten up your living space by layering translucent curtains with heavy curtains. This way, you get to enjoy the natural light without compromising on a good night’s sleep. Less windows? No problem! Choose furnitures with lighter shades and include mirrors to help amp up the brightness.

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