5 Red & White Room Design Ideas

August 04, 2014 | Décor & Accessories | Furniture

Singapore’s celebrating her 49th birthday this Saturday the 9th of August. To commemorate the occasion and also because we absolutely love the colour red and white, we looked up ways you can incorporate the colour red into your home. From the living room to the bathroom, here are a few suggestions how you can play around with the colour that is often associated with romance — and also danger.

1. The Red and White Living Room

Red is a colour that no modern-chic living room can do without especially when your mains are black and white. Black and white are neutral tones while red is intense. Install red fixtures around your mono living room and watch it comes to life instantly.

Love The Spa But Lack The Time? Top 10 Must-Haves For Your Ultimate Home Spa - The HipVan Blog
Love The Spa But Lack The Time? Top 10 Must-Haves For Your Ultimate Home Spa - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Hamn 2 Seater Sofa
    $695.00 SGD
  • UFO Pendant - White
    $75.00 SGD
  • Lattice Cushion - Lipstick Red
    $39.90 SGD

2. The Red and White Bedroom

The scarcity of red in this bedroom and the use of neutral tones allow the red chair to pop without sticking out like a sore thumb. The rule: keep to one to three neutral colours at most and you won’t have to worry about the red accents being out of place.

Get This Look:
  • Morning Glory Duvet Cover - Red
    Morning Glory Duvet Cover - Red
    $199.90 SGD
  • Kooky Owl Cushion
    Kooky Owl Cushion
    $23.90 SGD
  • Kartell Take Table Lamp - Red
    Kartell Take Table Lamp - Red
    $162.00 SGD

3. The Red and White Kitchen

Take a walk around the kitchen section in any department store and you will notice the assortment of coloured kitchen appliances that are sitting on the shelves. Initially available only in white, kitchen appliances had become available in different but limited colours in the 1950s. Today, we’re spoilt for choices. Colours available today offer home-makers exciting new ways to coordinate their kitchens. From peacock blue to fire engine red, coloured kitchen appliances are the ‘in’ thing now and also a sure-fire way to add charm to the kitchen.

And you can even extend the same colour theme to the dining room too!

Get This Look:
  • Fabric Persimmon Chair - Red
    $688.00 SGD
  • 4 Seater Brent III Dining Table - White
    $990.00 SGD
  • Tria Bowl - Wine Red
    $9.80 SGD

4. The Red and White Bathroom

Probably the most ignored room in the house, the bathroom can definitely do a perk-me-up in a shade of colour we often associate with passion and romance. It’s common for us to think of cool colours (i.e blue, green) when it comes to decorating the bathroom. Red however sets the bathroom apart from the norm and lends a rather sexy vibe to the overall. If you’re decorating a love-nest, a red bathroom might just spice things up a little. A very hot bath it will be.

Get This Look:
  • MIRROR-BOX – White / Black
    $69.90 SGD
  • Lazy Cube - Red
    $59.25 SGD
  • PiP's Classic Towel - White
    $14.90 SGD

5. The Red and White Entryway

Remember Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress and red lips? The late superstar herself has definitely taught us a trick or two in matching colours.

5 Red & White Room Design Ideas - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Wins Bench
    Wins Bench
    $639.00 SGD
  • KOJA Drawer Cabinet - White
    KOJA Drawer Cabinet - White
    $148.00 SGD
  • Elegance Cosy Carpet - Prints / Red
    Elegance Cosy Carpet - Prints / Red
    $450.00 SGD


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