Steal This Home: Live Like Sarah Jessica Parker

January 20, 2015 | Décor & Accessories
STEAL THIS HOME: Live Like Sarah Jessica Parker

It is something we all do once at least a day/week/month – imagining the life of a celebrity, even though we would never ever admit it. There are tons of articles that provide you with tips and tricks to steal the looks of celebrities from hair styles, shoes, fashion, makeup tips but in fact, where do celebrities spend most of their down time? AT HOME!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York home is a classic example of timeless with a twist. Each room in the house has two tones and an accent colour to compliment the base colours. Known for having the perfect balance with work and at home, we can definitely see it in her New York home.

We have scoured around the around to recreate 4 of our favourite rooms of Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York home.

1. The Off-The-Hook Vibrant Living Room

Within her vibrant and high contrast living room with quintessential accents, she still manages to create a cosy living room. Some tips that we can learn from Sarah Jessica Parker’s small aka HDB size like living room, is that we can use textures to play around and get creative even in a small space. Here there is a contrast between blues and pinks with textures like silk and velvet.

STEAL THIS HOME: Live Like Sarah Jessica Parker
Get This Look:
  • Hamn 2 Seater Sofa
    $695.00 SGD
  • Ministry of Chair Cushion in Pointillism
    $39.90 SGD
  • Castle Dreamer - Orange
    $148.00 SGD

2. The Neutral Living Room

This living room goes to show that you do not need much to create a celebrity-worthy living room. Choose the perfect neutral colour scheme that suits your home and get inspired to add two accent colours like we see here. An overall of browns for the couch and side table, spruced up with black and white accents. The last thing everyone can add to their living room is the perfect coffee table books and the right scent to complete the room.

STEAL THIS HOME: Live Like Sarah Jessica Parker
Get This Look:
  • Turner Round Coffee Table - White
    $650.00 SGD
  • KOJA 2 Seater Sofa - Dark Brown
    $499.00 SGD
  • KOJA Book Shelves 4 x 4 - White
    $205.00 SGD

3. The Minimalist Kitchen

It’s all about the design when it comes to a minimalistic room, carefully selecting the right decoration and furniture to pull the room together. “Less is More” seems to be the perfect phrase to describe this dining hall but having lesser is not always easier. The rule is to never settle for anything less and always be on the lookout for ways to improvise your space.

STEAL THIS HOME: Live Like Sarah Jessica Parker
Get This Look:
  • Set of 3 Live, Love, Laugh Wall Shelves - White
    $110.00 SGD
  • Iria Dining Chair - Ash
    $280.00 SGD
  • Oval Dining Table - White
    $792.00 SGD

4. The Modern Kids Room

Last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker’s son’s room features a simple bed on one side complimented with a cool stripe playhouse tipi on the other. We absolutely love the abstract artwork that adds a burst of colour and creativity in a little kid’s room. Creating a fun playground in the comforts of their bedroom to ensure safety and mess-free fun!

STEAL THIS HOME: Live Like Sarah Jessica Parker
Get This Look:
  • Hoot in the Woods Teepee
    $125.00 SGD
  • Small Toh-kki Beanbag - Red
    $190.00 SGD
  • Bella Bianca Wrought Iron Bed - White
    $700.00 SGD


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