6 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Rented Home

June 24, 2015 | Money | Décor & Accessories

Renting doesn’t mean you can’t live in style and comfort. Taking into consideration the limitations set out by the home owner, you can still decorate the apartment to give it a cosy feel. Get inspired by these apartments as they show how you can decorate your apartment without getting yourself into trouble:

1. Spruce Up The Plain White Walls

We do agree that you can never go wrong with white walls, white walls can appear plain and boring. Draw inspiration from these decorated walls if you’re finding ways on how to transform your ordinary looking white walls:

Change your white walls into gallery walls by adding a couple of frames. For a more creative look, include variation – different shapes, sizes, colours, texture etc.

Or you can choose to install shelves that you like – ladder shelves, racks, bookshelves etc. It’s an easy way to get more storage space too!

For a cheaper alternative, create your own decor to be hung or installed on the walls, just like these DIY flower display!

2. Pops Of Colour

You can always rely on adding vibrant statement pieces into your living space to brighten it up.

3. Dress Up Your Windows

A living room without curtains just looks incomplete, right? Hang some curtains in your living room to add that finishing touch. To make it more interesting, you can even mix curtains of different prints, colours or patterns.

4. Time For Mirrors To Shine

If you think that mirrors don’t really make much difference when used as decor for your apartment, think again! Using the right type of mirror can add elegance or glamour into your home. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate using mirrors:

5. Cosy Bedroom

To get that homely and cosy feel, throw some bedlinen, fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillows on your bed. And if you’re afraid of wasting money on an apartment that you’ll only be renting temporarily, you can always bring them with you to your next apartment.

6. Adding Flora

Think of flowers when you need something to instantaneously change the feel of your apartment and to perk up those mundane days. If you’re the kind who can get bored easily by the decor in your apartment, try having different types of flowers every other week to make it less boring.


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