8 Ways to Fake a Big House in a Small Home

Decorating a home can be very difficult if you’re limited by the space you have! We hear you.. you need easy ways to make your small home look bigger without having to break down your walls. Here are 8 easiest hacks to make your home feel bigger!

1. Big furniture pieces can make a room feel bigger.

A common misconception is that a small room needs small furniture, but that is not true! Choose a sizeable statement furniture and work around it. It can make your room feel bigger than you think! Small furniture pieces clutter the room and makes the space feel small.

Try choosing a big beautiful rug that covers half the room, and design the rest of the room around it.

Or you can also choose a large modular sofa! Remember, furnitures that are lower to the ground can also help the ceiling look higher!

2. Decorate your ceilings to create an illusion of a higher room.

Envy luxurious apartments with sky-high ceilings? Now you can create that illusion easily! Decorate your ceilings with decals, paint or wallpaper to make the room look higher. By drawing the eyes towards the ceiling, it gives the illusion of a higher room. Create a dramatic effect with graphic decals or opt for a simple textured wallpaper.

3. Light Colours + Sunlight = Bigger Room!

To create the illusion of an airy room, an essential combo is light colours + lots and lots of sunlight! So open up those curtains and let the sun in! Choosing lighter colours help to reflect the light, making the room feel much more spacious.

If your apartment doesn’t get much sunlight, consider getting standing lamps and table lamps to spread the light around, instead of just ceiling lights. This helps to disperse the light around the room and draw the viewer’s eye around, creating the illusion of a bigger space!

4. Elongate your room with graphic rugs.

Patterns can be your best friend! Play with graphic patterns like stripes and chevron to elongate a room. For the best effect, orient the pattern towards the longest part of your room. The easiest way is to choose a rug that can really help to lengthen your room!

5. Build shelves closer to the ceiling to heighten the room!

Placing your shelves closer to the ceiling can help to draw the eyes closer to the ceiling and make the room feel higher! Use them to store your decorative jars, wine bottles or any other memorabilia that you’ve been hoarding for years.

8 Ways to Fake a Big House in a Small Home - The HipVan Blog
8 Ways to Fake a Big House in a Small Home - The HipVan Blog

6. Get rid of cluttering decoration to make space for more!

Instead of having numerous small decorative pieces or artworks on the wall, go for the bigger ones to make your space feel bigger. Small pieces crowd a room and clutter is the last thing you want in a tiny apartment.

If you’re adventurous and looking to make a statement, make your entire wall an artwork! It makes the room more expansive and fun at the same time!

7. Hidden storage means less visible clutter.

Have a million pairs of shoes? We feel your pain! Make hidden storage your best friend. Remember to choose storage that is easily accessible, if not you will most likely never wear those shoes ever again. Out of sight can really be out of mind, so before you store those things away, get rid of things you don’t absolutely love!

8 Ways to Fake a Big House in a Small Home - The HipVan Blog

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8. Hit a home run (pun intended) with mirrors that can create an illusion of space!

8 Ways to Fake a Big House in a Small Home - The HipVan Blog


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