6 Scandi-Industrial Lights We Can’t Resist!

Can’t get enough of the Scandinavian-Industrial look? With these 6 different lighting styles, easily create that look you love for your home! Inspired by Scandinavian design and Industrial architecture, these lamps create a soft yet raw look at home that everybody loves.

1. Geometric Ceiling Lamps

Easily create a Scandinavian look with wooden lamps! These geometric shapes also create a graphic and dynamic shadow play in the space, making any room unique and special!

Get This Look:
  • Geometric Wood Pendant Lamp
    $45.00 SGD
  • LUCAS 31 Pendant Lamp
    $79.00 SGD
  • Hexagon - Wood
    $368.00 SGD

2. Grain Silo Lamps

Inspired by the silhouette of a grain silo, these matte metal lamps make a statement in any living room!

Get This Look:
  • FOCUS Pendant Lamp - Green
    $30.00 SGD
  • FOCUS Pendant Lamp - Yellow
    $30.00 SGD
  • FOCUS Pendant Lamp - Black
    $30.00 SGD

3. Exposed Bulbs

So simple yet so versatile at the same time, express your creativity with these exposed bulbs! Hang them in a bunch or individually to create your own individual look!

Get This Look:
  • Plumen 001 Bulb
    $47.20 SGD
  • The Broadway Lamp
    $199.00 SGD
  • The Fulton Lamp
    $147.00 SGD

4. Metal & Wood Harmony

The combination of wood and metal makes the perfect Scandi-Industrial look for any home! Soften the look with these smooth curvy silhouettes!

Get This Look:
  • Halo Pendant Light - Black
    $60.00 SGD
  • Conical Pendant - Yellow
    $30.00 SGD
  • Bowl Pendant Lamp
    $45.00 SGD

5. Standing Lamps

We simply adore these standing lamps that hangs over the sofa! Choose a thin metal rod-like stand to create that industrial look!

Get This Look:
  • CRANE Floor Lamp
    $50.00 SGD
  • Light Stand 0001
    $259.00 SGD
  • BORDERLINE BIG FOOT Floor Lamp - Black
    $3222.00 SGD

6. Matte Metal Table Lamps

Matte, matte, matte! The simplest way to achieve a Scandi-Industrial look is to choose lamps that are matte white or black! Choose one with a clean shape to add that extra chicness in your room!

Get This Look:
  • GLOW Table Lamp - Black
    $60.00 SGD
  • GLOW Table Lamp - White
    $60.00 SGD
  • AJ Table Lamp - Black
    $100.00 SGD


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