5 Reasons Your Home Needs A Bean Bag

Gone are the days when bean bags were only found in the children’s room or a relaxing corner of the home. It has found the favour of many home owners and is slowly replacing conventional furniture at home. There are many benefits that bean bags have over conventional furniture and here are five reasons why you should have one in your home too.

1. Medical Benefits

While it might not be obvious, a good bean bag actually minimises the risks of back injuries. Unlike conventional chairs, a bean bag conforms to the contours of one’s back, offering the support it needs to relax.

Get This Look:
  • Cutie Shark Bean Bag
    Cutie Shark Bean Bag
    $129.90 SGD
  • Pouf / Ottoman - Natural
    Pouf / Ottoman - Natural
    $139.00 SGD
  • Oomph Lounger with Ottoman - Orange
    Oomph Lounger with Ottoman - Orange
    $119.90 SGD

2. Safe Around The House

If you have kids at home, you will no longer have to worry about them getting hurt because bean bags have no hard parts. In addition, stubbing your toes will be a thing of the past.

3. Light

One key advantage that bean bags hold over conventional chairs is that they are light in weight. This makes it easy to carry it around the house.

4. Durable

A good bean bag is known to be able stand the test of time. Made of quality materials, it can withstand excessive use and is able to support the full weight of a person no matter how heavy.

5. Affordable

This is one reason why home owners favour bean bags over conventional home furniture. For its price tag, it is difficult to find anything else that offers comfort and durability.


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