5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool For The Summer

July 07, 2016 | Decorating Ideas | Wellness
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It sometimes feels as if Singapore’s blistering heat is unavoidable even as you’re sipping on an iced tea with your air-conditioner at full blast. With a staggering high of 36 degrees celsius last month, TodayOnline reports that Singapore’s temperature is rising at double the global average. Although the weather is expected to remain in the thirties in the coming weeks, here are 5 ways to help keep your home cool:

Window screens & films

According to John Krigger, owner of Saturn Resource Management, window screens, a mea-like covering, can intercept up to 70% of solar energy before it even enters your home. On the other hand, window films are transparent, metalized sheets that reflect heat before it cab be transmitted through glass. However, windows must be closed for window films to work, while windows screens can keep both sunlight and insects out with the windows wide open.

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Turn off appliances when you are not using

This reduces the heat output you are producing, especially high-energy appliances like televisions and computers. Other appliances you should consider turning off include desktop and laptop computers, DVD players and VCRs, modems, toasters, coffeemakers and stereos. Additionally, by turning these appliances off, you would be saving both energy and money.

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Cross-ventilate your house

Opening windows on the opposite sides of the house not only reduces and prevents harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and mold from forming, but also allows air to easily move in and out of your home. In the process, the wind pulls the stagnant hot air out of your home with it, leaving cooler air in its place.

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Switch to cotton bedsheets

Avoid fabrics and textiles such as wool, polyester, and fleece as they work to insulate heat. In other words, they retain the heat your body generates when you are under the covers. Cotton allows for better air circulation, keeping your body dry and cool. Also, keep in mind that lighter coloured cottons allow light to pass through more easily than darker coloured ones, preventing the light from being absorbed as heat. 

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Let nature help

Planting trees, houseplants, vines and shrubbery in front of sunny windows will shade your house from and absorb the sun’s powerful rays. UV radiation easily travels through glass windows, and when it hits objects in your house, a large portion of its energy is quickly converted to heat. By shading the sunlight from even hitting your window, you are greatly reducing the amount of heat created in your home. Furthermore, plants even help to cool the air. When in contact with sunlight, leaves release oxygen, gas and water. As the water evaporates, it absorbs heat.

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Be sure to check out HipVan’s collection of fans as well as our selection of cotton bedsheets that will surely aid in keeping you dry and refreshed throughout the summer.


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