5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Moving Company In Singapore

Moving is a huge process and one that can be incredibly stressful, due to the seemingly never-ending list of things that you'll have to take care of. Hiring a professional mover is a great way to reduce some of the stress associated with moving. However, this is largely based on the assumption that you've done the right research and chosen a good, reputable moving company. 

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To help you save time, money and to avoid having to deal with a potential moving catastrophe, we've compiled a list of 5 things to always look out for when choosing a moving company in Singapore!

1. Do they have a license?  

First things first, always check that your moving company has a registered license. You definitely wouldn't want to hand over your precious belongings to a rogue company and potentially fall victim to a moving scam! It's always better to be extra careful and do a double check. 

2. Reputation of the moving company 

Before finalising your decision, it's necessary to do a quick background check on the reputation of the moving company, based on online reviews or feedback from past customers. Don't just base your decision on face value, always make sure to do thorough research to protect yourself and your items. Better yet, opt for a moving company that your friends and family had a positive experience with. 

3. Always be on the lookout for any red flags

When choosing a moving company, always keep your eye out for any potential red flags. For instance, if your moving company is asking for a hefty deposit upfront, you might want to reconsider your decision and look for another moving company. On average, most moving companies in Singapore would request for a downpayment of approximately 20% of the moving costs, to hold your selected moving date and time. Large deposits could signal that they may not have a great track record and thus need to live off deposits to sustain their business, or that they don't trust you as their client. 

As tempting as it might be to choose a moving company with the lowest pricing, low-ball estimates (quotes that are significantly lower than the rest) could signal another red flag. Think the price is too good to be true? Your gut feeling might be right! Low-ball estimates are a technique often used by deceptive movers to secure more jobs. Once they've secured the job and completed the move, they'll simply add a whole bunch of other charges, resulting in an overall fee that's as much as, or even more than, other moving companies. 

4. Clear breakdown of costs 

Similar to the previously mentioned point, always ask for a clear breakdown of the costs before you finalise your decision to move ahead with a particular moving company. Apart from getting the quote in writing, make sure to find out about any potential hidden costs that you might have to pay at the end of the move. You wouldn't want to be placed in a situation where you were expecting to pay $X, only to have an additional hundreds of dollars being spruced upon you at the end of the service. 

5. Ensure your items are protected

Moving is always a risky activity, especially when you're working with extremely fragile items. A good and professional moving company will always provide some form of insurance for your items, in the event that something gets lost or damaged during the process of the move. Choosing a company that provides insurance will definitely give you a peace of mind, and one less thing to have to worry about in the midst of this hectic and stressful moving process. 


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