5 Tips to Furnish An Empty Apartment For Less Than 3k!

Finally! You got the keys to your new apartment. You’ve been anticipating this day for months or maybe even years. After flipping through all the home interior magazines at the kiosks or Kinokuniya. Taking photos secretly of your friend’s living room/ bedroom/ kitchen for inspiration and pasting your favourite homes styles from Pinterest into your little scrapbook; it has brought you to this very moment. You step through the door into an empty apartment… what happens now?

Fret not, we’ve been expecting you. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide here to ease you into your humble abode. With our 5 useful tips to remember, you can easily style your empty apartment like what we’ve done in our recent project at the Skywoods with Airbnb management service provider, GuestReady. This 1,173 sqft, 4 bedroom apartment can be found listed on Airbnb from 250 SGD per day and guess what? It costs less than 3000 SGD to furnish!

1. Decide on what you like

This seems like a simple enough question but more often than not, people tend to jam in everything ‘they like’ into their tiny space from various furniture stores and before they realise it, they are left with a big pile of mess.

If you have an idea in mind, great! The tip here is to pick a style you like and try your best to stick to it.



For the living and dining area, we’ve picked the ever trendy Nordic Scandinavian theme for it’s clean and simple feel.

Complemented with a 2-seater sofa in granite and some natural pale wood furniture: coffee table and TV Console, we created a cosy space to invite your friends and family to gather around.

2. Add a touch of personality

Even if you prefer white, find a beautiful white that will transform your atmosphere and brighten up your room.



Try adding a simple wall art to your entryway, getting a colour rug to divide your space or painting your walls. Breathe life into your home by personalizing your space.

3. Measure your space

Measure everything. We cannot emphasize this enough. Be sure to note down all measurements needed before shopping.



Especially for the dining area, the dining table is key. The last thing want is to purchase a 8-seater dining table only to have stuck at your entryway.

4. Plan your budget

Now I know it’s easy to go trigger happy when furniture shopping but figure out just how much you can spend before do.

The easiest way to decide this is to pick a room you spend most of your time and make that your priority for instance the bedroom; consider a stylish bed frame into the budget.



Here’s a dirty little secret for you, mix in a few cheap things when decorating among the more expensive items and no one will notice.

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5. Relax... and don’t forget your basic essentials

At the end of the day, furnishing your dream home should be fun! Remember, your first home probably won’t be your last, so don’t feel like you’ll be living with every decision the rest of your life.



Just be sure to cover all the basics. We don’t just mean the furniture pieces for your living room, dining room, bedroom but also your basic daily essentials such as towels, bowls and cutlery for a more cohesive environment to come home to.

As you can see, you don't need to break your bank account to furnish an apartment fit for Airbnb. If you are intending to furnish, manage or host an apartment on Airbnb, worry less about the hassle that comes with and get professional help from our friends at GuestReady!

GuestReady offers professional hosting services to more than 200 hosts worldwide. Our services includes listing creation, guest approval, personal check-in/out, guest communication, housekeeping and general maintenance.


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