5 Ways to Protect Your Home from a Plumbing Disaster

Water can destroy your furniture, carpets, electronic devices and décor objects and cause you a hefty damage. While you may be able to repair, some of the damages, soaked furniture will most likely never look the same and will need a complete replacement. Spending a little time and money as needed, on some basic plumbing work and maintenance can go a long way. You can implement these five easy tips in order to maintain the structure of your piping work and protect your home from a plumbing disaster.

1. Prevention is Key

Homeowners should learn that the first and foremost step they can take to protect their home, furniture and valuables from a plumbing disaster is to work on preventing one. Regular plumbing inspections, proper pipe care during the winter and a regular replacement, if needed, are all recommended.


2. Water Heater Inspections

This step is linked to the first one only that it refers mainly to water heaters and other appliances. Proper care and check-ups are needed for water heaters, especially if they are located in the kitchen and you may risk damaging the existing wood chairs, stools or tables.


3. Update the Fixtures

You can consider replacing old fixtures with new ones. One example is to replace rubber hoses with metallic ones.


4. Know How To Turn Off Everything

Plumbing emergencies are often unexpected and, in order to act fast and stop the water from spreading, you will need to control how the water comes into the house. It is understood that you should know how to turn off the main water supply.


5. Having a Leak Protection System

You can install a leak protection sensor that will alert you if a sink overflows, for example. Depending on its features, it can sound an alarm and shut off the main valve for you. This is very useful especially if the leak occurs in the kitchen and you have an open space access to the living room, the sofas and other furniture.


Homeowners can hire an expert once a year to check-up on their plumbing system. You can protect your home, furniture and assets from a plumbing disaster starting with a risk evaluation performed by a team of licensed Singapore plumbers.


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