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The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog

There's so much buzz around "The Intern" movie that we can't resist recreating the look! Nancy Meyers has a keen eye and burning passion for interior design, so it's no surprise that the interiors of “The Intern” movie set has become a hot topic amongst netizens and interior designers.

Time to settle yourself into your favourite armchair and grab some popcorn as we unveil the set and how you can create your very own stylish set of “The Intern” in your own home with HipVan!

1. The Kitchen

Now, this is definitely not your usual mother’s kitchen setting. The kitchen setting of “The Intern” takes on a traditional setting with a touch of style. To complete that look, a combination of open shelving, subway tiles, pendant lightings, marble bar counter top table, sleek black bar stools, and a colour palette of grey and white shades was used.

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog

The subway tiles gives off a traditional yet industrial chic vibe, while the marble bar counter top table and pendant lighting adds a modern and stylish touch to the whole kitchen look. Even the daughter’s furniture is taken into great consideration here. A simple white kids table and a kids sized Victoria ghost chair is placed at the corner of the kitchen. Talk about details!

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Halo Pendant Light
    Halo Pendant Light
    $60.00 SGD
  • Tolix High Stool
    Tolix High Stool
    $55.00 SGD
  • Victoria Ghost Chair - Transparent
    Victoria Ghost Chair - Transparent
    $75.00 SGD

2. The Living Room

We are awed by the living room setting as it reflects a variety of furniture styles put together with great effort. If you have the mindset that contemporary furniture and modern furniture is the same, then you’re 101% wrong! Contemporary furniture is about what’s trending now, and it constantly changes.

In “The Intern” set, the living room is the perfect example of a contemporary space as it is tastefully decorated with a good mixture of contemporary furniture pieces, ranging from industrial chic, vintage to modern style. The modern lightings, chevron pattern cushions, reclaimed wood table and vintage pieces takes the whole setting of the living room to another level!

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Fuji Dining Table
    Fuji Dining Table
    $329.00 SGD
  • Chevron Print
    Chevron Print
    $39.90 SGD
  • Light Hang 003 - Tea
    Light Hang 003 - Tea
    $180.83 SGD

3. The Bedrooms

We are totally digging the wide variety of colours used in this room! We love how Nancy Meyers had made a daring move to play around with colours. Instead of going for the usual black and white colour palette to create a contrasting look, she chose to go with a warm grey and white colour palette, coupled along with fluffy pillows, catalog furnishings and a tomato-red chaise that packs a punch against the gray walls and sheer blinds, voila!

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog
The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Bangkok Floor Lamp
    Bangkok Floor Lamp
    $420.00 SGD
  • Sexy Lounge Chair - Red
    Sexy Lounge Chair - Red
    $405.00 SGD
  • Isabel Rug - Vanilla
    Isabel Rug - Vanilla
    $70.80 SGD

The daughter’s room is a refreshing twist from the adult’s bedroom. Pastel pink and white colour palette was chosen for the daughter’s room to reflect the girly and playful side of a young girl. Furnishings with pink stripes, hanging wall décor, cute stuffed toys, and a teepee were also used to create a whimsical space for a young girl.

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Bella Bianca Wrought Iron Bed
    Bella Bianca Wrought Iron Bed
    $700.00 SGD
  • 2 Drawer Bedside Table
    2 Drawer Bedside Table
    $250.00 SGD
  • Cosmic Jar Lantern
    Cosmic Jar Lantern
    $109.90 SGD

4. The Office

Who says that all office are boring and dead? As Jules works in the fashion industry, this means that her office should look chic and trendy to suit her role. Nancy Meyers chose to go for an eclectic open concept office look which feature rows of white desks and gray ergonomic chairs, contemporary furniture, industrial lighting, reclaimed wooden table, exposed beams and tons of glass and steel.

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog

Instead of using solid walls to divide the space, we love how Nancy Meyers had use glass panels to divide the space and add a modern touch to the whole office. A lovely combination of traditional, mid-century modern with a hint of industrial chic accents in it.

The Intern Set - The HipVan Blog
Get This Look:
  • Tusk Coffee Table
    Tusk Coffee Table
    $799.00 SGD
  • Milano 3-Seater Sofa With Ottoman - Beige
    Milano 3-Seater Sofa With Ottoman - Beige
    $1190.00 SGD
  • UFO Pendant
    UFO Pendant
    $69.00 SGD


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