What Are Singaporeans ACTUALLY Thinking During CNY Visits?

January 20, 2016 | Family & Relationships | News & Culture

House visits are a big part of Chinese New Year, and it's a lovely tradition that brings big and small families together. However, if we want to be brutally honest, these are what we are thinking most of the time during these visits:

1. Yes! Ang Bao!

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Yes, we have only been waiting for this moment. This is the reason why we wake up early in the morning, put on our brand new clothes and travel across the country to your doorstep. Even for those who are giving out the ang baos, you can for sure relate to this.

2. $4? $8? $10?

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After we gotten our ang bao, this for sure had crossed our minds. $4, $8, $10, which one would it be? It is really not because we are greedy, but simply because it's fun trying to guess and then finding out if we were right later.

3. Just smile and wave

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When you just reached a house and you enter into the living room full of familiar AND unfamiliar faces all looking at you.

4. Should I eat another Bak Kwa or a Pineapple tart?

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This one here is a real struggle. After gobbling down so much CNY treats your relatives have been pushing to you containers after containers, you have a decision to make. Would you stuff down another bak kwa, or would it be a pineapple tart?

5. Wait, who is that?

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You are sure you have seen that face before... or have you not? Whatever it is, you are going to simple address him as "uncle" to play safe.

6. Yes here it comes..

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The time when your relatives start asking you the same questions they asked you last CNY. "Have you graduated?" "yes, I graduated two years ago auntie" "oh... when are you getting married then?"

7. And when it’s time to leave…

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Yes, it was super nice catching up with all your distant relatives, but let's be real - you'll probably only see them next CNY.

How many of these can you relate to?