8 Ways to Make Your Office Style Work As Hard As Your Employees

May 18, 2017 | Decorating Ideas

People typically spend more than a third of the day working in the office. The office space often mirrors the company culture and the type of work to a large extent. Hence, it is important to furnish your office well not only to impress visitors or business partners, but for employees to feel good, which makes them work harder (hopefully).

Time to rock your office and make your office style work as hard as your employees do. Don't be surprised when employees are volunteering to work overtime.

1. Make the First Impression Count

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First impression takes only 7 seconds to form, so you only got that much time to impress. Be it an interviewee (potential employee!) to important business partners, it is important to make the first impression count. Hence, it is crucial to have an office style of your choice. Do you want people to associate your office with adjectives like boring, dull and mundane or open, fun and vibrant? It’s up to you.

2. Add a Splash of Colour

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We really love what we’re doing, but we admit that work does get boring sometimes. Don’t just accept whatever colour scheme was there when you moved in! Consider adding a splash of colour to liven things up and give your office a playful vibe.

3. Greenery

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What’s a better method than to add colours in a natural way? Yes, add splashes of greenery into the office space to freshen up the atmosphere! Did we mention that plants work very well as a divider?

4. Declutter

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Documents, rough paper, bills, receipts. Stacks and stacks of papers, papers and more papers. Such clutter pile up overtime and that shouldn’t be the case. Set aside a few minutes everyday to clear up this clutter because as the pile gets higher, you won’t be surprised to find yourself getting more easily frustrated. An uncluttered office not only clears your mind, it makes you feel more energetic and feel better - really.

5. Chairs Matter

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Backaches can be a huge productivity drain on you and your employees. Since many of the employees will be on chairs for almost the entire day tapping furiously on the keyboard, choice of chairs is extremely crucial. Pick comfortable chairs with sufficient support and that may even reduce a few cases of MCs taken due to backache. Throw in a few cushions to give the office a more cosy feel too. Chairs really do matter!

6. Lighting

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If you have been a loyal follower of our blog, you’ll know how much we adore natural lighting. It’s really magical how can some natural light transform the atmosphere entirely, lending the dull office a bright and cheery feel, absolutely what you’ll need at work. If there's no natural lighting, then go for the best suitable artificial lighting to brighten up the space.

7. Open Up

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Ditch the cubicles. An open office is the way of things now. Creating an open office area not only yes, encourages open-ness, it removes hierarchy among colleagues and research has shown that it boosts productivity and promotes creativity. Keep meeting rooms transparent and make meetings a less boring affair.

8. Pen it Down

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Have an area where employees are free to speak their mind, or rather, pen down their thoughts on whiteboards or chalkboards. Those artistically inclined can even doodle on it and its where you can find the Picasso of the office. Duty roster or important notes can be penned down here too. Other than its functionality, these boards act as awesome decorations as well.

It's really an investment in the long-run to have a nice and comfy office to keep your employees working hard and productivity at its best.


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