8 Ways With Mirrors

You may have already heard about how mirrors help reflect light around the room, brightening a space and making it appear bigger. Mirrors are great additions to the home, whether for functional purposes or as decorative accents.  Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate mirrors into your living spaces:

1. Filling the wall

So let’s get the most common method out of the way. Large mirrors are often used to fill an entire side of wall space in the room. While they are typically plastered against the wall, a great alternative is to lean a large mirror on the wall for a more dramatic effect. Alternatively, try going for non angular shaped mirrors for a more modern look.

2. Over a console

The space above a console or side credenza is a great spot to hang up a mirror. A safe option is to hang it higher up a few inches above the objects on your counter, but to make it look more interesting, consider setting your mirror directly behind and on the same plane as the objects. This will certainly make the objects pop out.

3. Above the bed

If you are finding the space above the headboard too empty, then you should definitely consider hanging up a mirror to fill the space. Just be sure to go for mirrors that are not too heavy and ensure that it is hung up securely.

4. Tucked into a bookcase

Mirrors can act as great decorative accents to dress up shelves and bookcases. Throw in other interesting knick-knacks and objects to live up the the bookcase. For more ideas on styling shelves, read here.

5. Mirror flanked with art

Create a visual focal point by flanking an elaborate mirror with your favourite art pieces. The mirrors and art pieces help to simultaneously draw attention to each other, and will certainly be a conversation starter in your home.

6. In a mirror gallery wall

If art isn’t really your thing, then a cool idea is to display a gallery wall of mirrors instead. Just as art lovers would vary up the frames and sizes of the pieces in a gallery wall, you should similarly vary the sizes and styles of your mirrors. Keep it cohesive by matching either the tones or shapes of the mirror frames. 

7. As wall decor

Forget the frames and simply stick these fun reflective patterns on the wall. This will certainly make a fun and creative do-it-yourself home project, so get your creative juices flowing!

8. Behind lamps

Another interesting spot for mirrors are behind lamps. The layers help add visual interest, and the light from the lamps that bounce off the mirrors will make your space even brighter.


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