9 HDB Renovations That Are Surprisingly Under $20k!

1. Modern & Stylish – 3 Room Condo

Source: Charlotte’s Carpentry

Renovation cost: $20,000
You will not believe that this stunning home was renovated for only $20,000. We like how muted neutral tones are used and kept consistent across different rooms, to make the look of the whole apartment elegant and classy.

2. Stylish Concrete – 3 Room HDB

Source: Absolook Interior Design

Renovation cost: $18,000
Here is a great example of how to pull together a chic industrial look for under $20,000.

3. Industrial Eclectic – 3 Room Condo

Source: Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Renovation cost: $20,000
Different styles and textures come together to create this eclectic look. We like how pieces like the luxurious mid century styled sofa and armchair is put together with modern accents like the metallic clock and bean bag, to create an interesting space.

4. Bachelor Pad - 5 Room HDB

Source: Home & Decor

Renovation cost: $20,000
This apartment features clean and dark grey tones, artistic prints, and the owner’s collection of his grown up boy toys. The DC comics, vinyl records, superhero figurines and DJ console add character to his home, making it distinctly his.

5. Playful Old School - 3 Room HDB

Source: Fifth Avenue Interior

Renovation cost: $20,000
Colourful furniture, and wooden accents come together to create this playful but stylish looking apartment in Pasir Ris.

6. Natural & Neutral – 3 Room Condo

Source: Casa D'Inspired Interior Design & Home Renovation

Renovation cost: $20,000
Keeping it simple does not mean it has to be boring, as is shown in this modern apartment featuring neutral coloured palettes. The minimal number of furniture pieces and the use of full-length mirrors makes the apartment look much more spacious than it really is, all achieved under $20,00.

7. Contemporary Loft – 1 Room Condo

Source: Xprado

Renovation cost: $16,000
This contemporary loft style apartment shows us how small apartments can look stunning and spacious, with the added perk of lower renovation cost.

8. Modern Style - 2 Room Condo

Source: Quirky Idees

Renovation cost: $10,000
This chic and modern 2-room condo cost only $10,000 to renovate. We like how every inch of the small space is put to good use, yet still is able to look uncluttered and inviting.

9. Retro Vibes - 3 Room HDB

Source: ID Gallery Interior

Renovation cost: $19,000
Oozing old school charm, this cute 3-room flat in Boon Lay only cost $19,000 to renovate. Brick wall details and unique floor tiling add visual interest to this charming space.


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