5 Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Home

Regardless of how well you've decorated your home, you're probably going to get sick of it, at some point or another. Over time, after looking at the same interior every single day, it's only natural to get tired of it and be tempted to refresh your space. While completely re-doing your whole home and renovating it is certainly an option to refresh your space, it can be rather time-consuming and costly to do so. Instead, consider using these 5 easy ways to refresh your home, minus the time, effort and cost. With these 5 suggestions, you'll certainly be able to fall in love with your home all over again! 

1. Get some new throw cushions

Man sitting on grey fabric couch with some throw cushions on it

Throw cushions are one of the most affordable and easiest ways to refresh the look of your living room. They're essentially accessories for furniture pieces like sofas, armchairs, daybeds and beds, that can completely transform the look of your furniture. These items are also typically one of the first things that guests would notice when they enter your home, and often serve to add a personal touch to your space, creating a cosier and livelier ambience. Thankfully, throw cushions are one of those small, low-commitment home items that be easily swapped out based on your mood, the time of the year, etc. 

If your space has been feeling a little dull, brighten up your space with some throw cushions in vibrant colours and prints.

Multi coloured patterned rectangular throw cushion Terra plush throw cushion

Charyn Canyon Throw Cushion  $49 | Shop here

Terra Plush Cushion  $19.90 | Shop here

Alternatively, if you're leaning towards a botanical theme, try adding pillows with some botanical prints on them. 

Botanical throw cushions placed on top of grey fabric sofa(On left) Monstera Cushion  $22.90 | Shop here | (On right) Arecaceae Cushion  $22.90 | Shop here

2. Play around with new artwork and prints 

Artwork looks great and can truly add lots of character to a home. However, when you've been looking at the same piece everyday for years, you'll eventually stop appreciating it, and it'll simply become a regular piece in your home. Over time, you might want to switch up your artwork. Either move them to a different part of your home or consider swapping them out for other pieces, like art prints, which are often more affordable. 

6 art prints framed and hung on dining room wallPositive Art Print on Paper (2 Sizes)  $9.90 (A4 size) to $16.90 (A3 size) | Shop here

Alternatively, you could also swap your artwork for some framed pictures of your favourite memories. All you have to do is to select some of your favourite images, blow them up, frame them and hang them on your walls! 

Black phantom offset photo display hanging on wall Set of 5 matinee photo display hung up on wall above wooden chest of drawers

Phantom Offset Photo Display (Black)  $37.90 | Shop here

Matinee Photo Display Set (Set of 5)  $119 | Shop here

3. Change your bed linen 

Given the sheer size of a bed and the amount of space that it takes up, our beds are essentially the center-piece of the bedroom. While buying a new bed frame to refresh the space might be a great way to refresh your space, replacing it prematurely might not be the most economical way to spend your money. Instead, to add some new life to your bedroom, try changing your bed linen instead! From plain bed linen to floral bed linen, you'll certainly find a new set that will effectively refresh your personal haven. 

Blue floral randwick bedding set

(Queen) Randwick 5-pc Bedding Set  $155.90 | Shop here

4. Swap out your rug for a new one 

Rugs are often see as the finishing touch to any room, serving to complete any space. Apart from adding warmth and definition to the areas that they're placed in, rugs are also a great way to add some character to your space. Thus, rugs are probably one of easiest and most popular ways to refresh and redefine your space! Play with different textures, colours and patterns to add some warmth and life to your space. 

Round reversible rug placed in living room in front of leather sofaColourful carpet placed in living room between tv console and sofa

Ease Round Reversible Mat (Blue)  $159 | Shop here

Marvel Low Pile Rug 2.3m x 1.6m (Land Age)  $465 | Shop here

5. Move your furniture around 

This is perhaps the most wallet-friendly solution to refresh your space, since you won't have to add anything new to your space, thus meaning that you won't have to spend any additional money! All you have to do is to rearrange your furniture and move them to different corners and areas of your home. You'd be pleased to know that this simple and cost-free solution can actually completely transform your space, to the point that your guests will probably ask if you had bought any new pieces. 


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