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October 15, 2013 | Find Pros | Interior Designers
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Alvin founded AO Studios in 2011 when he embarked on the Natura Loft Apartment project. An architect by training, Alvin is a creative part-timer whose passion lies in transforming spaces that we encounter every day – homes and the living environment. At AO Studios, we see spatial experiences as visceral, where new spaces are crafted and designed by fusing architectural forms with interior design while employing materiality to inspire and surprise.

AO Studios is fully involved during the entire construction process by working closely alongside the contractor. Although our preference is to work with carpenters and contractors whom we are confident in, we are equally open to meeting and working with new collaborators to translate visions and drawings into inspiring spaces.

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The Minton Apartment

Ghim Moh Apartment

Natura Loft