Bedding Essentials 101: Everything You Need For A Good Night’s Rest

Tired of constantly tossing and turning at night, and waking up feeling as though you barely got any sleep? Apart from getting a good quality and comfortable mattress that's perfectly suited for you and your needs, another key factor that determines how well you'll sleep is actually your bedding! From mattress protectors to bed linen to duvets, we're going to provide a quick overview of all the bedding essentials you'll need to get a good night's rest! 

1. Mattress Protector 

Apart from providing additional comfort, mattress protectors are key to ensuring that your mattress can last for a long while. In fact, they're one of the simplest and most effective ways to maximise the lifespan of your mattress since they offer waterproof protection to protect against spills and accidents, serve as a physical barrier against moisture and sweat which helps to keep your mattress clean and sanitary, as well as aid in preventing stains and exposure to potential allergens such as dust mites and microbes. With mattress protectors, you'll definitely be able to go to sleep feeling reassured that you're sleeping on a mattress that's relatively hygienic, and one that you'll be able to sleep on for a long time to come. 

Mattress on wooden bed frame with mattress protector on top

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2. Bed linen — pillow case, bedsheet/fitted sheet, duvet cover  

When purchasing bedding, it's always a good idea to purchase them in sets, rather than as individual pieces, since you'll be able to get a hold of all the essentials you'll need, in a coordinated design. These sets typically include pillow cases, fitted sheets as well as duvet covers. When purchasing bed linen, and more specifically fitted sheets, it's important to check its measurements, to ensure that it'll be able to stretch all the way over your mattress and completely cover it!

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It'd also be a good idea to have at least 2 bed linen sets, so you can can rotate them and not have to scramble to dry them after they've been washed. It's also a nice way to switch up the look of your bedroom every once in a while. 

3. Pillow Protector 

Alongside your pillow case, you'd probably want to encase your pillows with a pillow protector. Together with your pillow case, a pillow protector will help to keep your favourite pillows clean and fresh, helping to extend their lifespan by protecting them against the accumulation of dirt and oil.  


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4. Duvets and Quilts 

Duvets and quilts are essentially thick bedding toppers that will keep you warm and snug throughout the night. Stuffed with fibers or down for comfort and warmth to ensure you'll have a good night's rest, our duvets and quilts are also made of breathable materials, allowing you to enjoy cooling sweat-free sleep. With their silky soft surface, you'll certinaly be able to experience a plush cocoon that's so comfortable that you won't want to leave your bed. 

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6. Optional: Throws

To complete the look of your bed and add some extra personality or colour to your bed, throws will be your perfect solution. In addition, throws can also help to provide extra warmth at the foot of your bed, or when wrapped around you as an additional blanket. 


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Here's a quick overview of all the bedding essentials you'll need for a good night's rest. For any enquiries regarding our products, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at or our live chat, and we'll be more than happy to provide any assistance that you may need! 


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