Bring The Dotty, Coloured Universe from Yayoi Kusama's Exhibit Back to Your Home!

Known for her iconic dots to infinity mirrors, Yayoi Kusama’s art is indeed fascinating and captivating. For those who have been to YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow’s exhibition this June - July period, or even those who may not have been but have seen numerous artsy-dotsy photos of flooding through their instagram feed (especially those taken in the famous Obliteration Room), it might have piqued your interest about the entire aesthetically pleasing concept consisting of mainly circular dots, with the combination of colours to create this piece of art.

Source: National Gallery Singapore

While pasting circular stickers with the confines of our homes may not be a feasible idea, we can always re-create and bring this concept back home. For starters, HipVan’s here to suggest some of our carefully curated dotty, coloured products which might equally spur on those inspirations from the exhibit.

Dot Hook/Handle - Grey

Anne Black has got the dotty concept right. Made of handcrafted porcelain, it is not only stylish for using as a door hook for hanging your stuff, but could also double as drawers and wall hooks.

Dot Hook/Handle - Grey, $4.90

Taylor 3 Seater Sofa

The colourful buttons on the Taylor Sofa makes a statement piece for the living room. For those who wish to incorporate the dotty concept without making too bold for a move, this is your chance!

Taylor 3 Seater Sofa, $799

Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack (Pack of 54)

Here’s how you could spice up your plain, boring walls effortlessly with our Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack! Let’s not devote our precious time to pasting circular stickers, shall we?

Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack (Pack of 54) - Pink, $4.90
Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack (Pack of 54) - Silver, $4.90
Polka Dot Wall Decals Pack (Pack of 54) - Gold, $4.90
Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack (Pack of 54) - Mint, $4.90
Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack (Pack of 54) - Black, $4.90

Souls Poster Print

What is art without art? Most importantly, this circular, abstract poster print could make your space feel vibrant almost instantaneously.

Souls Poster Print, $9.90

Crochet Round Rug

The vibrant colours of this crochet round rug adds another dimension to your home, along with its delicate circular pattern.

Crochet Round Rug - Yellow, $39
Crochet Round Rug - Coral, $39
Crochet Round Rug - Soft Blue, $39

Moana Knitted Pouffe

Ah, who would’ve thought that a Pouffe, in all its rounded spectacularity, could be an accessory to this dotty concept?

Moana Knitted Pouffe - Raspberry Wine, $59
Moana Knitted Pouffe - Yellow, $59
Moana Knitted Pouffe - Turquoise, $59
Moana Knitted Pouffe - Smoke Blue, $59
Moana Knitted Pouffe - Charcoal Grey, $59

Kalo Rocket Side Table - Purple

Here’s a side table which actually complements the dotty-roundedness we’ve been searching for.

Kalo Rocket Side Table - Purple, $49.90

Poppy Stool

The Poppy Stool is unique for its colourful and vibrant button seat. We know this is something not all homes have, and it’s going to definitely be a great addition to this collection!

Poppy Stool - Natural, Yellow, $79
Poppy Stool - Natural, Violet, $79
Poppy Stool - Natural, Parsley, $79
Poppy Stool - Natural, Tangerine, $79

Circles Felt Carpet - Grey

The name of this carpet says it all. We hope you feel the circularity of this carpet - a carpet with nanotechnology coating on surface.

Circles Felt Carpet - Grey, $199

Mira Mirror - Natural

Here’s the trick to how to make your home not look like any ordinary other. Get a circular mirror with a semi-circle wood frame!

Mira Mirror - Natural, $149

Half Clock - Pastel Pink

The half clock is another hot seller among our products. We guarantee that this modern desk clock will improve the aesthetics of your office environment exponentially.

Half Clock - Pastel Pink, $49


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