Colour Psychology: 5 Ways Colours Can Affect You

A guest post by A Better Florist

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What’s your favourite colour? Besides loving it because it complements your figure or the colour of your eyes, did you know that colours can actually influence your physical and psychological state? According to the notion of chromology that is based on the fact that each colour has a specific influence, you are able to change your behaviour and mood depending on the colours you’re surrounded with. Although there are many more, here are five most prominent way that colours affect your life on a daily basis.

1. Your Shopping Habits

Your impulse shopping may not just be coincidental. Psychologist claim that most department stores make use of colours when designing the space and include colours that are going to influence your emotions in and thinking so that you end up buying the product instead of leaving it on the shelves. Now that you know that you know that your shopping urge is influenced by colours, you can create a new battle plan to keep your credit card less busy.

2. Emotions

It’s a fact that colours affect your mood and provoke certain emotions, just as much as your favourite bouquet of flowers can influence how you feel at a particular moment. For example, colours such as yellow and red immediately spark feelings of happiness, comfort and warmth, where you feel completely joyful and cosy. While on the other hand, colours such as blue or purple may make us feel sad, depressed or agitated.

3. State of Mind

We all have those places that we simply adore and other places that we just don’t feel comfortable in. You know that moment when you step inside a place and you don’t like it off the bat but you don’t know why? It could be the colours. Our state of mind can be influenced a lot by colours, and it can easily deter us from our surroundings. Swap the colours in your living room, home office or bedroom by playing around with your furniture and decor, and you might end up loving the space.

4. Creativity

Of course, creativity sometimes depends on your mood but we’re all different individuals and while someone is in their most creative spot while they are happy and content, other’s thrive in sadness and that’s when their creativity bursts out in the open. However, it is said that the colour purple, because it’s a mixture between red and blue, has the power to calm you down and find you the balance you need to get in touch with your creativity.

5. Marketing

Colours are consistently used by marketers and advertisers to get their services and products across. With the right colours they are able to make you feel hungry, thirsty or make you want to think you need that certain product in your life. And it’s all because the colours are able to soothe you and influence you to feel calm, cool and collected.

It’s amazing and intriguing how much something as simple as colours can affect your behaviour, emotions, state of mind and overall preferences and decisions. Now think about it, do colours in your surroundings influence you in a positive or negative manner?


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