4 Common Laundry Mistakes You're Probably Guilty Of

Laundry is one of those household chores that you either love or hate, with the latter being the more common opinion associated with this particular chore. Doing laundry is certainly a skill that you have to master, given the numerous steps involved, from preparing your clothes for washing to tossing them into the washing machine to using just the right amount of detergent, etc. Being hasty with your laundry can be costly, potentially damaging your clothes. To avoid damaging your clothes, here are 4 common laundry mistakes you're probably guilty of and the various ways to correct them! 

Washing machine in wash area of HDB

1. Using too much laundry detergent 

Handwashing laundry with detergent

Using more detergent might seem like a solution to help your clothes become cleaner, but this is certainly false. Adding too much laundry detergent can create excess suds, which can actually hold dirt pulled from clothes. Most importantly, excess suds are much more difficult to rinse out completely, leaving behind residue that may actually attract more dirt, dust and bacteria. The remedy? Abide by the recommended amount of detergent stated on the packaging of your detergent bottle. 

2. Not zipping up 

Jeans zipperZippers have sharp, jagged teeth that can easily snag other fabrics (especially delicate and woven pieces like your knitted sweaters) that are being washed in the same laundry load. Avoid the unnecessary damage to your precious clothes by taking the time to zip up all your zippers and close all clasps before throwing them into the washer. For added protection for more delicate pieces, consider investing in and using a mesh laundry bag that will ensure that they won't be damaged by other clothing. 

3. Being too aggressive with stains 

Stained shirt being washed

When dealing with stains, an instinctive reaction is often to try to rub them as hard as possible, in hopes of eliminating the stain. However, doing so could potentially make the stain worse, whilst damaging your clothes  wearing away of the fabric and causing the colour to fade. Instead, when dealing with stains, try to be gentle. Rather than rubbing the stain, try dabbing it gently with a small amount of pre-wash stain remover and a clean, white cloth (to prevent any potential colour transfers). 

Additionally, if possible, try to treat the stain ASAP. The less time that elapses, the higher the chances that you'll be able to successfully eliminate the stain. 

4. Overloading your washer 

Loading washing machine

Many people tend to assume that washing a huge load of laundry will help to save both time and energy. However, before you overloading your washer with your next load of laundry, you might want to think twice. Overloading your washer actually prevents your clothes from getting properly cleaned. More importantly, it could overwork your washing machine, potentially breaking it and requiring you to replace it. Thus, the next time you do your laundry, avoid filling it all the way to the top. There should be a slight gap between your clothes and the top of the machine. 


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