5 Tips For Creating A Pet-Friendly Home That Your Furkids Will Love

Owning a pet is akin to raising a child. Just like how you would child-proof your home before the arrival of your human baby, it'd also be a good idea to create a home that's pet-friendly and pet-safe, and one that your pets can comfortably live in. To help you kickstart this process, here are 5 tips that will help you achieve a pet-friendly home that your furkids will love! 

Bulldog sitting on couch

Choose pet-friendly furniture 

When choosing to get a pet, the first thing you have to mentally prepare yourself for is the possibility that you will have to get rid of some of your furniture. Take your sofa, for instance. Whether you like it or not, your pet's probably going to be jumping onto your couch and making it their second bed. This means that your couch has to be able to withstand any potential damage from scratches and will also need to be easy to clean, in the event of any accidents. 

To avoid having paw prints and visible pet fur on your sofa, opt for fabric sofas that are fur-coloured and removable, so that you can easily wash the covers when necessary, and every once in a while to keep your sofa fresh and clean. While leather sofas are relatively easy to clean and maintain, they are also rather prone to scratches. Thus to avoid your pets from scratching your leather sofa, either train them not to go on the sofa or cover your sofa with some fabric covers or throw blankets

During the initial stages of potty training, you might also want to keep your rugs and carpets away. Apart from having one less thing to clean (in the event of potty accidents), this will also definitely help to reduce the amount of stress on your plate that's pretty much inevitable during this process. 

Additionally, you might also want to keep away any breakable knick-knacks that are currently sitting around your home, in areas that are reachable by your pets. Alternatively, if you're worried that your home might look a little empty without these fragile decor pieces, opt for pieces that are non-fragile, and won't be damaged or cause harm to your pet even if they were to be knocked over. 

Give them some personal space 

Just like humans, our pets also appreciate having some personal space and time alone, so it'd be nice to give them some personal space such as a dedicated corner or a room. Apart from including some of their favourite toys or pet furniture (e.g scratcher for cats) in your furkids' personal space, their little spot should also include a comfortable bed for them to sleep in. This bed should also be easily accessible throughout the day, so that they can enjoy all of their mid-day naps. If their spot is somewhere that is rather chilly (e.g right below the air-con), you might also want to give them a couple of blankets to keep them warm and avoid catching a cold!

Secure any potential choking hazards 

Our pets love exploring our homes and playing with whatever they can find. However, in doing so, this also means that they may potentially risk hurting themselves. To avoid such a situation from happening, take a walk around your home and look out for any potential choking, strangulation, electrocution, and suffocation hazards such as loose cords and wires. Either get rid of them or devise ways to secure them so that they're inaccessible to your precious furkids. 

Toss out your toxic plants 

While plants are definitely great ways to spruce up your home, it's important to remember that not all plants are equally safe for your pets. Certain plants (e.g sago palm, azalea, English Ivy, Peace lily, Tulip, Lily) might be toxic to your precious pets so it's important to avoid having some of these plants around at home. 

This isn't to say that you can't have any plants around in your home! You definitely can. Simply opt for non-toxic plants or faux plants that will help to achieve the same decor effect in your home, minus the maintenance. 

Put a lid on your trash

Our pets are curious creatures who love poking their heads around and exploring the house, including our trash! If you're currently on social media, chances are you've probably chanced upon one of those viral videos where pets were caught running through the trash, leaving their owners really mad and frustrated. To avoid being one of those owners, swap out your open bins at home with those with lids. This is particularly important for the dustbins in your kitchen, as the smell of food waste will inevitably entice your pets. Apart from not wanting them to make a mess, you'd definitely not want them to consume something that they shouldn't have and potentially having to make an emergency trip to the vet. 


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