Decluttering and Getting Organized for Mental Clarity and Wellbeing


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Do you live in a pristine environment, where everything has its specific place? Or maybe you subscribe to the KonMari Method™? Perhaps your room is better described as an organized chaos? Minimalist lifestyle? Or do you actually have a hoarding problem?

We all have our ‘stuff’. You know the kind that really serve no purpose albeit some sentimental value. We may not even notice their presence until it is time to spring clean! As we strive to live purposefully and intentionally, the ‘stuff’ cluttering our physical space, can also clutter our mental and emotional freedom - holding us back from change and being able to make way for the new!

All that ‘stuff’ we insist on keeping? Research has shown that physical clutter in our environment competes for our attention and affects our brain’s ability to concentrate, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress. Decluttering can be cathartic, and can spillover into other parts of our life that could use a cleansing too.

Are you ready to declutter and get it all in order? Of all the different tactics to declutter, these are our favourite ways to actually get it done!

Easy peasy 5 minute spot-targeting

No, spot targeting does not work on the butt, thighs or ‘goodbye’ arms. But it can certainly do the trick for your workstation, home etc. It doesn’t have to be the whole desk, it could be a drawer, a spot in your room where things tend to ‘live’ out the last of their days - spend just 5 minutes on that spot and pick out items that you no longer have a use for. Do this for 30 days, and see actual transformation!

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The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 

Is your wardrobe so overcrowded that freeing Narnia has to wait? Say no more. Do you love ALL the clothes in your wardrobe? Probably not. So aside from the clothes that you wear often, keep only those that you truly love and that make you feel great! The rest? You can trash them, donate them or recycle them. Just don’t “recycle” them back into your wardrobe!

Stop shopping!
No really! You don’t need more ‘stuff’ (or if you must, at least keep it as a treat once you’re done with 30 days of actual change ;)). If you’re thinking of an island vacation and want to get some snorkeling gear and swimsuits - unless you see yourself snorkeling often, check if there are rental options available before purchasing them.

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Organization 101 

You’ve cleared out the excess clutter, so what now? Get yourself some storage canisters, shelf baskets and the likes. These help you to categorize your items so you’ll always know where to find them. And yes, you can do that for your beauty / makeup collections, handbags and wires too! That’s one less thing and distraction for your brain to worry about! And we say yes, to anything that reduces stress and helps us to be more productive!


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Kitchen Detox
Every diet and new year’s resolution begins with great cheer in the kitchen, but this is also where every plan gets derailed. If your pantry is full of snacks and foods that aren’t on your plan, even those with the strongest willpower might falter. Clear them out and stock it with whole foods - the kind that keep your body and mind in tiptop condition! If you are stressed out, you can also consider stocking up on adaptogens to keep your mind sharp.

Have two ovens because you received them for your house warming, and are keeping the extra one out of misguided obligation? Donate it to someone who needs it! You need all the workspace if you’re gonna actually cook and prepare your own healthy meals.

Digital Declutter
All is well and good until you start up your laptop for the day? If it is mission impossible to search for the folder you need, you know it is high time you get your files organized too! On your devices, at least sort out what is personal and what is professional or for school. Create folders for each, and categorize the files within, much like what you would do with shelves and shelf baskets. Next up is the cloud - do the same for your google drive, dropbox, etc. Taking the time to sort these out helps to speed up your workflow!

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And for a good night’s sleep...

Dim the lights, select your favorite scent and candles, cuddle up in your clutter-free bedroom oasis!

This article is written in collaboration with The Busy Woman Project - a lifestyle brand and community empowering women in Asia & the people around them to lead their best lives through being well mentally, physically and emotionally.


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