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Design Collective Studio is a boutique interior design firm that specializes in both residential and commercial projects, focusing on holistic spatial experiences.

Established in 2011, DCS prides itself as a multi- disciplinary interior design firm that integrates conceptual design solutions, space planning and function, to create timeless spaces. Consisting of a unique group of creative individuals, we offer services in architecture, interior design, space planning and project management. At Design Collective Studio, we take pride in the challenges and processes required to create integrated spaces. Our personal approach to each project combines the understanding of the site, along with our client’s requirements, to establish seamless spaces.Through the utmost attention to detail and effort, our design process takes us from conceptual sketches all the way to construction. It is a journey that engages DCS and the client, to see through each project with confidence and accuracy. Taking on each project as a work of art that is deserving of our most absolute attention to detail. The result is a synthesis of effective design solutions, with the flexibility to enhance the experience of a new space.

Services Provided
Interior design, architecture, space planning, project management


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Projects Featured:

SoHo at MR

Residence at CP

Residence at PR


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