5 Desk Organisation Tips To Help You Maximise Your Productivity

Whether you're working or studying, your desk often takes on a major role in ensuring that you're able to enjoy a productive session. In many ways, our desks take on the role as a command center, containing our computers as well as all the files and information we might need to complete our daily tasks. Unfortunately, for majority of people, their desks aren't organised for an optimised working experience, contributing to a significant loss of time to disorganisation as well as an unpleasant working experience at the desk. 

Thankfully, various experts have chimed in to share various tips on how to organise your desk to maximise productivity and efficiency. Here are 5 of them! 

1. Clear off your desk 

As the saying goes, "a cluttered space is a cluttered mind". Thus to kick things off, start by clearing off your desk and remove every single thing from it. Give it a good wipe so that you can start fresh on a clean desk. 

Neat deskDesk that is clutter free

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Now, place only the things you use on a daily basis back on the table. Everything else should be stored off your desk. Either get rid of them or relocate them to a drawer, filing cabinet or shelf. This includes all the paperwork that's typically left on your desk. The only ones that remain on your desk should only be those that are relevant to ongoing projects and activities. Everything else has to go! 

Work desk that only has the essentials placed on it

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Similarly, while personal decorations (e.g family pictures or personal keepsakes) can be great additions to your desk to help you destress and get energised during particularly stressful periods, keep them to a minimum. Sure, they could bring us joy and some stress-relief. However, too much of them could result in situations where they end up being distracting, interrupting your train of thought and thus lowering your productivity. 

2. Keep your cords organised 

Ever had to take out your charger or cables only to find that it's been completely tangled? Apart from contributing to a loss of time, tangled cables can also pose a danger hazard as they could make you trip. They also tend to make the experience of sitting at your desk much less comfortable and enjoyable overall.

Don't let tangled wires be a distraction and ruin your day! Keep them organised using items like cable boxes or cable bins which will hide those cables so that you can fully focus on getting your top priorities sorted.

Messy cables on tableCables stored in cable box, making table look neat

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3. Consider getting additional storage 

Let's be honest, desks don't have the largest surface areas. With limited space on your desks, you'd probably benefit from adding additional storage to maximise your space. Consider incorporating various organisational tools like trays, baskets, boxes, magazine racks or vanity organisers (which can double up as great desk organisers) to help keep your belongings sorted and organised. This way, you'll be able to find everything you need in a flash. 

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4. Don't forget your drawers! 

Drawers provide great storage that can help to reduce the visual clutter on our desks. However, drawers are often misused, with items simply chucked into them, leaving them extremely disorganised and making the process of looking for things highly unproductive. 

To begin, take everything out from your drawers and group your items accordingly. Place items that are often used together in the same drawer space. For instance, place your stamps with envelopes and likewise, your sticky pads with notepads, etc.

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For your small little knick knacks like paper clips, business cards, post-it-notes and flash drives, place them in drawer organisers that will allow you to grab them in one go.

5. Get a trash can 

stainless steel trash bin with pedal placed under desk  stainless steel trash bin with pedal placed beside desk

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We've probably all been guilty of this  throwing our trash on our desks instead of throwing them away immediately, resulting in an accumulation of trash (and clutter) all over our desks. To break this bad habit, get a trash can and place it under or next to your desk. You now have no excuse to avoid getting rid of your trash immediately!


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