6 Tools Every Baker Needs In Their Kitchen

Baking is a hobby whose popularity never seems to fade, and one that people of all ages can take part in. Unfortunately, given the nature of this hobby, it's also one that requires quite a bit of tools. Whether you're new to this hobby or an intermediate baker looking to expand your collection of tools, here are 6 tools that every baker will definitely need in their kitchen! 

1. Measuring Tools  

Baking is a discipline that requires lots of precision. Agaration (Singlish term for approximation) works to a certain extent but if you're hoping to have a successful outcome, it's best to stick to the exact measurements, which you can certainly achieve through the use of measuring tools! If you've ever taken a look at recipes from cookbooks or the Internet (particularly those from American authors and chefs), you would have probably noticed that they always include measurements in cups and spoons. Hence, a set of measuring tools like measuring spoons and cups is a must! 

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While you could probably get by with simply using measuring spoons and cups for most recipes, some recipes (especially those from European cooks) may list their ingredients in terms of their weight, rather than in terms of cup or tablespoon or teaspoon. Hence, for greater accuracy and precision, it'd probably be best to add a kitchen scale to your arsenal as well!

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2. Sieve

Using sieve to sift flourJamie Oliver atlantic green sieve

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For recipes like cakes and cupcakes, it's quite common for them to require the sifting of dry ingredients like flour, sugar, and/or cocoa powder, so it's always handy to have at least one sieve on standby. While this step often seems quite unnecessary and one that simply makes your life more difficult, it can actually make quite the difference for your end product(s). Sifting helps to aerate these dry ingredients, ridding your batter of any potential lumps so that your recipe turns out perfectly! 

3. Mixing bowls 

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Now that all your ingredients have been measured and prepped, you're going to need a place to combine all of them, so that you can get one step closer to enjoying your yummy treats. Take your pick of mixing bowls from a wide variety of sizes and materials. However, as much as possible, stay away from aluminium bowls as acidic ingredients (e.g. lemon juice) could react with the metal, changing the flavour of your food. You'd probably not want to taste any metals when trying to savour every bite of your yummy treat(s)!

4. Utensils

Whisks, wooden spoons and spatulas are examples of some handy baking utensils that you should certainly have in your arsenal, if you're starting to get more interested and serious about baking. Serving as extensions of your hand, these utensils can make it much easier for you to mix your ingredients, whip up your batter and transfer your batter to other bowls or baking pans. 

For instance, while you could certainly beat an egg with a fork, you might have to whip it for a much longer time than if you were to use a wire whisk, which is designed to whip air into liquid ingredients to get them fluffy and frothy. With a whisk, you'll be able to save some time and arm power for other important tasks. 

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You might be thinking, what's the difference between mixing ingredients with a whisk versus a wooden spoon. Well, with a whisk, you're going to be adding quite a bit of air into your batter. However, this isn't always what you'd want, as certain recipes or particular steps of the recipe might only require a gentle mixing of the ingredients, without the need to whisk any additional air into the mixture. In addition, the use of wooden spoons over a whisk means that you won't have to worry about scratching your bowls or pans, nor will you have to worry about it reacting with acidic ingredients. In general, a wooden spoon is certainly a useful, multi-functional tool that you'll be able to use for both baking and cooking, allowing you to get your money's worth out of it! 

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5. Baking sheet  

Also known as cookie sheets, baking sheets are a must-have in any kitchen, regardless of whether you're a baker or regular chef! This is an everyday necessity that anyone with an oven should have, as you can use them for virtually anything and everything, from cookies to breads to baked potatoes. Pair your baking sheet with some parchment paper or reusable silicone baking sheets

baking sheet with some baked desserts on it

6. Baking pans 

Whether you're baking cheesecakes, pies, pound cakes, brownies, muffins, or cupcakes, you're going to need some special bakeware to hold them together while they get baked in the oven. Some common bakeware that you might require include round cake pans, square cake pans, loaf pans, muffin tins (a.k.a cupcake tins), pie dishes, etc. If you're a newbie baker, you could probably get by with a basic rotation of a round cake pan, a square cake pan as well as a muffin tin  all of which are commonly used for more beginner-friendly recipes. 

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