Say Goodbye To Single-Use plastics With Your Very Own Dabao Kit

With dabaos (takeaways) and food deliveries becoming the norm these days, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of plastic waste generated in Singapore has been alarming. A study conducted in Singapore in 2020 found that an additional 1,334 tonnes of plastic waste  the weight of approximately 90 double-decker buses — was generated by households during the two-month Circuit Breaker period. Earlier efforts by various organizations in Singapore to combat Singapore’s waste issue have thus seemingly been undone by the pandemic. 

Large amounts of waste collected by the shore   Plastic waste collected by the beach in Singapore

The Bring Your Own (BYO) movement began in Singapore in 2017 by the non-governmental organization, Zero Waste SG, in a bid to reduce the amount of waste generated in Singapore by encouraging Singaporeans — both businesses and consumers alike — to move away from single-use packaging and towards reusables. The Singapore government has also been an active participant in this BYO movement, encouraging Singaporeans to use their own clean and reusable containers to help to both reduce the amount of single-use packaging used and be more environmentally sustainable. 

So what do you need to create your personal dabao kit, to reduce the amount of waste generated in Singapore? It’s pretty simple, really. All you need are 4 main items:

1. Reusable food container

Swap out plastic, single-use food containers for reusable food containers, that you can use for both take-outs and for general kitchen storage. Bonus tip: some vendors actually provide discounts when you bring your own containers, so you can save some money whilst saving the earth at the same time!

Cuitisan metal container perfect for take-aways  Porter bowls in a wide range of colors

Cuitisan Flora Rectangle Container No. 5  $29.90 | Shop here

W&P Porter Bowl Green — $33.20 | Shop here

2. Reusable bag

Plastic bags are one of the easiest single-use plastic items to be replaced. Bid goodbye to disposable plastic bags and use reusable bags instead! Use them for a wide variety of purposes, from grocery shopping to takeouts to travel organization.

Display of organic cotton lunch bag on a wooden shelfOrganic Cotton Lunch Bag Mesh  $31 | Shop here

3. Reusable drinkware 

Hitting your daily water goals are much easier when you bring a water bottle or reusable drinkware around with you.

William Morris Limited Edition Acanthus reusable drinkware, perfect coffee-cup for being on-the-go  Dawson thermo flasks in dark brown and grey, perfect reusable drinkware to bring around

William Morris Limited Edition Acanthus 400ml  $33.90 | Shop here

Dawson Thermo Flask  $22.90 | Shop here

For those who aren't keen of bringing a bulky bottle around, the range of collapsible Stojo drinkware will be your best friends. If you’re a bubble tea lover, you will love the Stojo Biggie cup, which comes with a collapsible bubble tea straw.

Stojo collapsible bottle brooklyn collection in olive, cream and orange.   Stojo Biggie collapsible cups in olive, cream, grey and orange

Stojo Bottle Brooklyn Collection  $30 | Shop here

Stojo Biggie  $28 | Shop here

4. Reusable cutlery  

You don’t necessarily need a special set of cutlery for your personal dabao kit, you can always make use of the existing cutlery that you have at home! However, if you want something a little more portable and compact, consider getting utensil sets like these. 

Full set of W&P Porter reusable food container, drinkware and utensils W&P Porter utensil set in their different colour variations.

W&P Porter Utensil Set  $26 | Shop here 

We all have a role in preserving our environment so let’s work together to reduce our waste and move towards creating a greener environment, one that’s safe for future generations to enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at and we’ll be more than happy to help!







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