Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bed Frame For You

For many people, the bedroom (and more specifically, the bed) is like a sanctuary. After all,it's where you usually spend time winding down after a long day and where you enjoy quiet moments. Choosing the right bed is thus definitely one of the most important decisions you'll have to make when shopping for bedroom furniture

Bed in bedroom

Other than selecting a comfortable mattress that's perfect for you, it's also important to select a bed that meets your needs for a perfect sleeping experience. While every well-designed bed is a great bed, the best bed for you is one that can meet your needs.

In Singapore, space is often a constraint that many of us have to deal with. Hence, when deciding on which bed to purchase, it's important to choose the right-sized bed. Take your pick from a single bedsuper single bedqueen size bed or king size bed. Ultimately, you should be choosing one that doesn't take up too much space in your bedroom; you want to make sure that you'll still have ample walking space in your bedroom.

Once you've made a decision on the size of your bed, it's now time to look into getting a bed frame! From wooden bed frames to storage bed frames, you'll surely be able to find one that will satisfy your needs. To help you narrow your choices and select the perfect bed frame for you, we've compiled this guide which will hopefully make this decision-making process much easier!

1. Storage beds 

There are so many reasons why Singapore is the one of the most attractive cities to live in - but the space constraints that comes with our cosmopolitan state can be very difficult to ignore. If you're living in a limited space like most people in Singapore are, fret not as there are multiple storage solutions that you can adopt! Instead of purchasing additional storage that will likely eat up additional floor space in your room, try a storage bed instead. Out of all the different types of beds, storage beds do not take up extra space while allowing us to keep anything and everything from bed linen to books to luggages and more.

A great storage bed needs to look good and function well. For those living in a narrow bedroom, you might want to consider a storage bed that utilises a hydraulic pull system. You'll simply have to lift the bed to access your additional storage. Don't worry though, our storage beds have one of the best hydraulic pull systems, meaning that you'll be able to easily lift the bed without extra help and even with just one hand!

Hipvan isabelle queen storage bed in hailstorm fabric Product image of Isabelle queen storage bed, demonstrating how to access the storage area

Isabelle Queen Storage Bed Hailstorm (Fabric)  $549 | Shop here

Alternatively, if you have a little more space, you could consider other storage bed options which include side and front drawers that you can easily access. 

Hipvan lexi queen 3 drawer bed in moonstone velvet Items stored in the drawers of lexi queen drawer bed

Lexi Queen 3 Drawer Bed Moonstone (Velvet) — $649 | Shop here

2. Headboard beds 

Seeking superior comfort? A headboard bed is more comfortable and provides you with the ultimate comfort that you need when watching an episode of your favourite NETFLIX show. There are few things in life that can compare to the sheer zen of reading your favourite novel in bed, sipping on tea, with soothing music in the background. Headboard beds are thus the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture if that sounds like your favourite past-time.

Not a fan of books? Headboards also give you the support you need when binging on Netflix in bed for hours to come. With our wide selection of headboard beds that come in a variety of fabrics, colours and pattern choices, you'll definitely be able to find the perfect bed frame for your bedroom here.

A particularly important factor to keep in mind when choosing a headboard bed is the choice of material, which largely depends on the level of maintenance that you're comfortable with. Comfortable with cleaning and vacuuming your bedroom everyday to keep dust and pet hair at bay? An upholstered bed made of either velvet or fabric bed will look both classic yet elegant. 

Hipvan Gray owl elliot queen headboard bed    onyx grey hipvan ronan king headboard bed

Elliot Queen Bed Gray Owl — $499 | Shop here

Ronan King Bed - Onyx Grey  $549 | Shop here

However, if you're allergic to dust or have a sensitive nose, an upholstered bed might not be the best option for you. Similarly, if you're not one who likes cleaning or if you're simply someone who tends to be a little clumsy, it might be a better decision to choose a wooden headboard bed, which requires little to no maintenance. Additionally, wooden headboards tend to be more durable and have a lower tendency to develop dents, impressions and grease spots. 

Cadencia wooden headboard queen bed  Dakota wooden headboard queen bed

Cadencia Queen Bed  $999 | Shop here

Dakota Queen Bed  $1299 | Shop here

3. Divan beds

Divan beds have been in trend for a couple of years now and they are here to stay. Ultimately, one of the key benefits of choosing a divan bed is that you're free to decorate it however you'd want, without it looking like it's too much. Besides your standard fare of duvetspillows and bolsters, consider throwing on some cushions to add a pop of colour to your bed. You could also add a throw or two to elevate the look and comfort of your bed.

Hipvan katana queen divan bed hipvan essentials queen divan bed in white faux leather

Katana Queen Bed  $179 | Shop here

ESSENTIALS Queen Divan Bed White (Faux Leather)  $279 | Shop here

Divan beds are a great alternative if you would like to declutter your bedroom, since the absence of a headboard brings a clean look to your bedroom. With divan beds typically having a smaller frame than traditional beds, they also make the perfect bed for kids.

Additionally, for anyone who wants to furnish a guest room but doesn't have the luxury of space, divan beds will be a great choice for the occasional guests since they don't take up much space. 

Here at HipVan, we are obsessed with comfort. That's why creating a great bed is so important to us! But wait, we're not just talking about the headboard here. Finding the right mattress is equally important when creating the perfect bed for your rest. Depending on the level of firmness you prefer, as well as the plushness you desire, the perfect mattress varies from person to person. (For tips on how to choose the perfect mattress for you, click here!) Regardless of which mattress or bed you choose, don't forget to throw on a duvetpillows and bolsters for extra comfort. 

For any questions regarding our beds, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at or our live chat, and we'll be more than happy to offer any assistance that you might need! 


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