4 Hacks To Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

Having a dining room that is expensive and having a dining room that looks expensive are two very different things. If budget limitations are preventing you from achieving the former, you'd probably be pleased to know that the latter is much easier to achieve than you might think. You don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve an expensive looking dining room. Here are 4 hacks that will transform your dining room, instantly making it look more expensive without burning a huge hole in your wallet!

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1. Furnish your floors with a rug 

Wooden dining table placed above a geometric rug Wooden dining table placed by the window and placed on top of a patterned rug

Dakota Dining Table 1.6m  $999 | Shop here

Rugs are one of the most important home decor items that you could have in your home. Apart from defining a space, rugs are the perfect accent to any dining table, helping to take the design all the way to the floor, tying in the different colours and patterns in this single space. As an added bonus, they help to create a comfortable surface to rest your feet on, helping to keep your feet feeling warm and snug. 

2. Add some linens

Extendable wooden dining table with tablecloth on it

Tilda Extendable Dining Table 1.6m  $1099 | Shop here

Spruce up your dining table with some table linens. A simple and stylish tablecloth can completely transform the look of your table in just a matter of seconds. Apart from changing up the look of your table and creating a nice contrast, tablecloths are also great at hiding some of the unsightly sights on your table (e.g. blemishes, scratches, watermarks) that may have accumulated over the years. 

Pair your tablecloth with a matching set of placemats. Just avoid picking a set that's the exact same colour as your tablecloth. Instead, choose pieces that can serve more as accents to the tablecloth. 

Grey woven round placemat Black modern placemat from table matters

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3. Upgrade your lighting fixtures 

Copper hanging lamps in a pink-themed room Black pendant lamps hanging above dining table

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Many people don't seem to realise how important lighting is in a dining room. Apart from helping to make your food appear more appetising, the type of lighting you choose for your dining room can also have a large effect on the look of the space. From an expensive and luxurious space to a casual and cozy dining area, your choice of lighting can drastically change the vibe of your space. For a more elevated and luxurious look, you can never go wrong with glass and diamond chandeliers. Alternatively, you could also opt for other hanging fixtures, that will still achieve a similar vibe, at a fraction of the price!

4. Display some flowers on the table 

Huge white flower arrangement placed on centre of dining table    Pink and white floral arrangement on dining table

If you were to look back at some of your favourite restaurants and sieve out some of their similarities (apart from the delicious food that they serve), you'd probably find that most of them have some kind of plants or flowers on their tables. Apart from allowing you to make a nice statement with a beautiful flower arrangement, flowers can also serve as a centrepiece on the dining table, changing the look and atmosphere depending on the type of flowers used. Better yet, flowers are also rather inexpensive, meaning that you can always change them around, giving your dining room a new look and feel every so often. 


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