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October 15, 2013 | Find Pros | Interior Designers
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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! “hauS Mates Interior” is the brainchild of good friends and former colleagues. Formed in 2013, with 13 years of trade experience, our design philosophy is shaped and nuanced by our travels around Asia and Europe. This has resulted in a customer base that extends beyond local shores, into Indonesia and China, and a catalogue of work escapes any narrow definition.

We do not like to constrain ourselves with labels like “interior design” or “furniture retail”, but rather aspire towards a more inter-disciplinary approach towards spatial rejuvenation. Perhaps it would be better to say we aim to provide a bespoke solutions and customized furniture and art pieces for both commercial and residential properties.


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Projects Featured:

Atelier Hair&Beauty

Austville Residences

Boathouse Residences