5 Essentials That All Great Hosts Have In Their Homes

Hosting a party may be a stressful event for some, especially when you're new to this whole hosting game. We've certainly been there too and have managed to pick up a couple of know-hows along the way. To help you get started on your new hosting journey, here are 5 essentials you'll need to have so that you can get one step closer to being a certified "great host"! 

1. Dinnerware 

Dinnerware in 3 different colours

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Sure, you could definitely get away with using disposable dinnerware and cutlery. However, apart from generating quite a fair amount of waste, the feel of using disposables can never quite compare to using proper dinnerware. If you're having a tough time choosing and coordinating a set of coloured or patterned bowls and plates, you can always go back to the basics and opt for a simple, white set that goes well with anything! 

Can't decide how many sets to get? For a start, try to get at least 8 sets of dinnerware, which can be used for your daily meals as well! 

2. Drinkware

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Alongside a set of proper dinnerware, you're also going to want to have some drinkware mugs, glasses and cups  for all of your guests' drinking needs. Don't have sufficient kitchen storage space to store a wide variety of drinkware? Consider opting for multipurpose pieces that can be used for a wide variety of beverages  from cold drinks to hot drinks to wine. 

3. Coffee and Tea

When having friends and family over, there's definitely going to be someone in the group who would appreciate a cup of (or maybe a couple of cups) coffee or tea. Coffee and tea are also the perfect beverage to sip on whilst conversations deepen. It's thus always a good idea to have some coffee powder, tea bags or tea leaves around. 

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If you're an avid coffee drinker who also has people over quite often, it might also be a good idea to invest in a coffee machine, so that you can always have access to cafe-standard coffee, in the comforts of your own home! 

4. Speakers 

Marshall stockwell II wireless speaker in black being held by a lady white small transparent speaker placed on the top of a chest of drawers

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If you were to look back at some of the best parties you've been too, you'd probably realise that all of them, if not most of them, have some good tunes playing in the background. An element that can help to set the tone of a party, music's great to ease the vibes of any party, helping to avoid any awkward silences. Whether you're playing soft background music or hosting a dance party, a good set of speakers is definitely a must-have for any host! 

5. Home Fragrances

Max Benjamin fragrances

Hosting a party at home isn't solely about the food. The event also provides the perfect opportunity for you to socialise and catch up with your guests. You'd thus probably want to create a relatively cosy atmosphere, which can be easily achieved with candles.

There's also nothing worse than having a foul odour ruin the ambience and mood of a party. Hence, it'd also be a great idea to have some diffusers, room spray and air fresheners around your home, especially in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. 


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