4 Ways to Seamlessly Incorporate Texture In Your Home

When moving into a new house or when trying to re-decorate certain parts of your home, you'd probably be thinking about the desired style you want to achieve, the colour scheme and, last but not least, the furniture. However, amidst all this planning and shortlisting of products, there's probably one design element that you might have forgotten about  texture. 

If you've been sourcing for inspiration on various interior design websites, pages or magazines, chances are that you've probably heard of the phrase "adding texture to a space". After all, texture's one of the biggest buzzwords in the interior design world, and one that no space seems to be fully complete without. But wait, how do you really incorporate texture into a space? Here are 4 ways to seamlessly incorporate texture in your home! 

1. Make use of textured furniture 

Textured furniture is definitely an easy way to add some space to your home, with little to no effort required to figure out how to blend it seamlessly into your home. It's definitely also a nice touch to your space, and one that can an elevated level of comfort, especially as you’re most likely to come into physical contact with it. Just imagine sitting on a plush velvet sofa or running your hands over a cool and smooth marble table

Red velvet 3 seater sofa  Marble dining table with wooden legs and matching wooden dining chair

Sable 3 Seater Sofa Ruby (Velvet)  $1999 | Shop here

Hagen Marble Dining Table 1.8m  $1299 | Shop here

Texture doesn’t always have to be used in the most obvious of ways. It’s these small, subtle differences that really make all the difference, as your eyes move around the room and take in the different types of textures present in the space. 

2. Add texture with various textiles 

Trying to just spruce up your home or add a couple of finishing touches to your new home? For an easy, quick and inexpensive way to add texture to your home, try incorporating various textiles. Whether it's tapestries, linen bedding or a throw blanket on the sofa, you'll be able to seamlessly add texture to your home with these items. 

3 Nordic tapestries with tassles hanging on the wall Throw blanket with a pinstripe knit weave pattern on one side and a plain colour on the other side

Nordic Tapestry with Tassle  $17.90 to $19.90 | Shop here

Porter 2-Way Throw  $39.90 | Shop here

3. Fill up your floors with a cozy rug 

Rugs are the perfect way to both fill up the empty spaces on your floors and to add some texture to your space. They're also the perfect option to choose when trying to transform a space, to give it a new and refreshing look and feel. As an added bonus, your feet will also have a nice surface to step on, especially if you choose a rug with a high pile, tassels or fringing

Grey and white cosy high pile rug Black and white reversible patterned rug placed under white sofa

Beau Cosy High Pile Rug 2.3m x 1.6m (Ebony)  $600 | Shop here 

Inari Medium Reversible Mat 2m x 0.9m (Black)  $199 | Shop here

For extra texture points, you could also experiment with layering multiple rugs, for an added level of texture and elevation to your space. 

4. Get creative with your walls 

Walls tend to be an aspect of home that don't quite receive the amount of care and attention that they deserve. Transform your walls from flat to fab with some unique stylings that go beyond the standard uses of artwork, mirrors and shelves. Get creative with your walls through the use of tapestries, wall-mounted plants, uniquely framed mirrors, etc. 

Round fabric red and white mirror

Kristen Round Mirror 50 cm (Red)  $199 | Shop here

Now that you've reached the end of this article, we hope you've gotten some inspiration on how to incorporate texture in your home. For any further questions or enquiries regarding our products, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at wecare@hipvan.com or our live chat and we’ll be more than happy to help! 


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