How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving

How to protect your furniture when moving

The big move is coming up and all your packing boxes are still empty. Packing, labelling, and organising can sound like a whole lot of work but trust us, it’ll be worth it once you need to unpack. Safeguarding your possessions and preparing them for the trip is what really counts.

Here are a few handy tips to make sure that your furniture will make a safe journey to their new home.

1. Make the big smaller

Whenever possible, dismantle your larger and bulkier furniture to keep it safe during the journey. That means removing legs from sofas and tables, taking out dining table leafs and removing headboards and footboards from beds. Make sure to check manuals or go online to find out the proper and safe way to dismantle your furniture.

To make it easier when putting everything back together again in your new home, keep the screws and other small hardware parts from your furniture in a sealable plastic bag. Don’t forget to label the bags so you can easily match them to the furniture later.

2. Get the right supplies

Bubble wrap is going to be your new best friend. Wrap fragile items like mirrors and glassware (if you can resist popping all your bubble wrap) and for added security, place corrugated board in between the items. This adds extra protection and helps prevent gouges or scratches while furniture is being transported.

Besides bubble wrap, masking tape is another must-have. A common mistake people make when moving cupboards or drawers is forgetting to secure loose parts or drawers. Make sure to tape your drawers and cupboards shut to stop them from falling out along the way.

3. The cleaner the better

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their furniture will get dirty in the process of moving and do not take the time to properly clean it. But accumulated debris can sometimes scratch hard surfaces during the move and cause damage to your furniture.

Cleaning before packing is a double win since as an added bonus, you're able to save time while setting up your new home since everything is already clean. You also need to remove all the items from your furniture in order to make the large pieces a bit lighter and safer to lift and carry. Pack the contents of your furniture separately, according to their type and handling requirements to provide adequate protection for each of your smaller possessions.

Now that your furniture is all ready, leave it to the professionals to transport them safely on the road. You can hire one at for all your moving needs.

Securing your belongings with care will save you a lot of heartache when unpacking. With the right tools, tips and tricks, plus a couple of friends to help you out, moving won’t be as stressful as you think. Happy moving!


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