How To Style Your Minimalist Home Without Breaking The Bank

August 12, 2016 | Decor | Minimalist

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The move towards minimalism has gained momentum over the years as a result of overproduction that comes hand in hand with increasing commercialism. People want to declutter and simplify their lives by embracing the minimalist lifestyle. After all, clean and spare surroundings can free the mind from tiny worries and distractions, allowing us to focus on the essentials. The visual appeal of minimalism, however, oftentimes requires an overhaul of all the stuff you have accumulated throughout your life and that can be costly. Fortunately, it is possible to incorporate minimalism into your interiors without breaking the bank.

Monochromatic paint

The colour palette of paint is the foundation of your design inspiration. True to the tenets of minimalism, don’t choose too many hues in painting your interiors. Two colours are enough to highlight the spaces of your home. The darker hue would serve as accents to your walls. Two-toned palettes are not only elegant, it won’t burn a hole through your pockets.

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A mirror is a staple design element for minimalists. It gives the illusion of space, especially if your home is tiny. It also highlights statement pieces within the space, such as paintings and furniture, adding depth and dimension to your interiors. Mirrors also brighten up a place by reflecting and spreading light into the room.

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Garment rack

Once you’ve narrowed down your clothes to the essentials, chances are the closet would be too big for your wardrobe. To avoid getting tempted to stuff your closet again, sell or donate it to avoid backsliding into your hoarding habits and impulse shopping. In its place, you can put a garment rack. The appeal of garment racks is that it transforms your clothes into a design element for your stark walls with the pop of colours and various textures. It also takes up less space and aides you in selecting the clothes to wear for the day since they’re all laid out in sight.

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Natural elements

Part of the Japanese minimalist aesthetic is incorporating nature into the home. In a way, this design style allows a seamless flow of outdoors and indoors. At the core of minimalism is upholding the principle of retaining pieces that serve a purpose. For home décor, plants and foliage fit the bill. Plants not only enliven your space, they also filter the air from toxins. Chances are, you are bound to receive flower bouquets from friends and family during special occasions, so you can place those fresh cut flowers in simple, clear glass vessels as useful ornaments to inject a touch of elegance to your minimalist home.

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Keep it clean

Lastly, keep it clean. More than pricey statement pieces, staying true to minimalism means losing the mess and clutter at home. Donate or throw away useless and redundant objects and keep the rest organized. There should be a proper place and space for everything. It just takes a little effort and zero expense.

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