Get The Look: 8 Pieces To Create An Industrial Living Room

Inspired by old factories and warehouses, the Industrial style offers a fine mix of the old and new. Using raw exposed materials like metals, concrete and bricks, the perfect industrial living room aims to create an edgy unfinished look.

When you pick out furniture for your industrial living room, keep it raw and real by selecting metal or wooden materials, sleek designs and a neutral colour palette.

However, Caution! Don’t get overboard; Remember to juxtapose and soften up the space with soft furnishings like cushions, and statement lights to create a more balanced and cozy living room!


src (L-R):

Get The Look

1. Natalia Cushion $17.90 | Shop Here

2. Xander Floor Lamp $99 | Shop Here

3. Xavier Tall Shelf $449 | Shop Here

4. Starck TV Console $649 | Shop Here

5. Myron Rectangle Coffee Table $199 | Shop Here

6. Kastel Loveseat $399 | Shop Here

7. Prisma Rectangle Photo Display $24.90 | Shop Here

8. Fugito Rug $399 | Shop Here


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