Parents: 5 Tips To Keep Your Child's Room Organised And Clutter-Free

Every parent probably understands the struggle of trying to spread out their time between working, taking care of their children and keeping the house tidy. Most parents would definitely be familiar with the struggle of trying to maintain the tidiness of your child's bedroom and playroom, given the sheer amount of toys, small-sized items and other miscellaneous items.

After a long day of working and/or parenting, trying to keep your child's room organised and clutter-free on a daily basis might sound like a huge chore to add to your long list of daily chores. However, keeping this space organised and clutter-free is certainly worth it, given the numerous benefits that it can offer for your child. In fact, some benefits of an organised and clutter-free room for your child/children include:

  • Lower frequency of losing items
  • Less stress
  • Less cleaning needed  great for asthmatic kids and those with allergies given the reduced accumulation of dust and other irritants 
  • Kids are not overwhelmed by stuff
  • Kids become more creative
  • Kids become more thankful and careful with their items

Thankfully, with these 5 simple tips, you'll be able to keep your child's room organised and clutter free on a daily basis, with minimal effort required! 

Organised and clutter-free child's bedroom with a young girl sitting in it, on the floor

1. Storage boxes will be your best friend 

The use of storage boxes in a child's room can serve to provide a home for everything, including the smallest items such as lego pieces, building blocks, etc. Creating designated spaces for every single item in your child's room via the use of storage boxes helps to keep the room organised, allowing both you and your child to know exactly where to find any item, helping to lower the frequency of items going missing.

In many cases, storage boxes also provide the perfect hiding spot for any clutter or mess that would have likely been on the floors, instantly freeing up the floors in the room and creating the impression of a more organised and clutter-free space. As a bonus, some storage boxes can also double up as decor, serving to inject some additional detail and style to your child's room!

Unicorn storage basket T-rex dinosaur storage basket

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Tip: Always store the most important things in places that are easily reachable. These "important things" would refer to items that your children use most frequently on a daily basis, like their study materials, pencil box, colour box, puzzles, etc. 

2. Limit the amount of items in the room

As parents, it's only natural to want to spoil your kids and want to provide them with all the things that they might want and need. However, while it might be tempting to do so, the reality is that your kids really don't need an exorbitant amount of toys, shoes or clothes. There comes a point where you have to draw the line between purchasing things your child really needs and simply spending too extravagantly and wasting money, space and resources! If you're currently guilty of doing so, it might be a good idea to start setting a limit on the amount of items  toys, clothes, etc  allowed in the room, or per child. Take this limit as a guide, to remind you to only purchase when necessary, and to get rid of items when your child outgrows and no longer needs them. 

3. Donate items your child has outgrown 

Following the same vein as the aforementioned point, it'd certainly be a good idea to donate the items that your child has outgrown, or items that your child has lost interest in. Rather than simply having these items collect dust in a corner of your child's room or your storeroom, why not pass them on to someone else who might be able to appreciate them more (provided that these items are still in good condition, of course)? This would also hopefully provide a great opportunity for your children to learn how to be more appreciative of some of their belongings and privileges, teaching them how to be more thankful and careful with their items. 

4. Don't miss out on these great storage opportunities 

In Singapore, where homes and rooms are definitely not the largest, there's always a need to get creative with storage. As much as Singaporeans have learnt how to be creative with their space, there are often a couple of spaces in our rooms that never get fully utilised to their fullest potential. Vertical space, for instance, is a perfect example of storage space that's often left under-utilised in many homes despite the fact that it provides the ideal storage space for items like stuffed animals, books and all other items that would have otherwise been strewn all over the floors. Take full advantage of your vertical space with the use of wall shelves, bookshelves, tall cabinets, etc. 

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Don't forget about the space underneath the beds too! Whether you choose to use a storage bed, slide containers underneath or use it to store individually packaged toys, the space underneath the bed offers significant extra space that shouldn't be left unused. It'd definitely be a huge pity if this precious space were to go to waste. 

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5. Make cleaning up a fun chore 

Father vacuuming living room with son and daughter

Keeping your child's room organised and clutter-free at all times is simply a task that cannot be fulfilled if only one person's putting in the effort to do so. Maintaining the condition of your child's room requires the team effort of both parent and child.Once your child is old enough to start following simple directions and instructions, you could start incorporating interesting ways to teach them how to keep their room(s) clean and organised!

Cleaning for a long time is boring for us, much less for the little ones who have a shorter attention span. Hence, to keep them engaged and get them in the habit of keeping their room organised and clean, try and make this task feel more like a game rather than a responsibility. For instance, you could make cleaning up a competition, declaring that the person who manages to clean up a certain part of the room within a stipulated timeframe will be able to receive a little reward (e.g. a nice treat like ice cream, extra TV time, extra pocket money). 


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