How To Clean & Maintain Your Leather Sofa So It Always Looks Its Best

Leather sofas are quite the investment. If you're going to be spending that much money on your sofa, you'd definitely want to make sure that you can get your money's worth by ensuring that it lasts and always looks its best. Thankfully, leather is a material that's relatively more durable and requires relatively low maintenance. With the right steps, keeping your leather sofa clean and looking its best is relatively simple. 

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Clean your leather sofa regularly 

Most of the time, it's more than sufficient to simply dust and vacuum your leather sofa. Dust your sofa either with a dry microfibre cloth or one that's lightly dampened. When vacuuming your sofa, don't forget the crevices, as these are the perfect places for crumbs to hide! Remember to be gentle as well, as you don't want to risk scratching your sofa. 

Aim to give your leather sofa a thorough cleaning at least once every fortnight or month, using cleaning products that are designed specifically for leather furniture. Avoid using all-purpose wipes and cleaners as they usually contain chemicals that are too harsh for leather. Thus, to avoid damaging your sofa, always opt for cleaning products that are meant to be used on leather. In fact, before using any new cleaning products, it'd be a good idea to test them on a small, hidden corner of your sofa, to ensure that it doesn't damage it!

Condition your leather sofa on a regular basis 

Leather contains certain oils that help to maintain the softness and suppleness that make our leather furniture feel so comfortable. These oils, however, have to be replenished once in a while via leather conditioners, which will help to restore the softness and suppleness of your sofas, as well as prevent it from drying out and cracking. 

Conditioning your sofa also helps to create an additional layer to protect the leather, making it easier for your to clean any stains should they occur. This step also helps to reduce the amount of dye transfer that may occur. 

Keep your sofa out of the sun! 

Most people don't realise that a no-fuss way to take care of your sofa is to place it in the right place. This means placing your sofa in areas that don't receive direct sunlight as well as areas that don't much heat, as these are two common causes of dryness and cracking in your leather furniture. 

While it's practically impossible to completely avoid sunlight and heat in Singapore, minimising your leather sofa's exposure to them can really do wonders to prolong their lifespan. Thus, avoid placing your leather sofa right by a window or glass door. 

Give your pets their own sofa 

While many of us pet owners love to have our pets sit with us on the sofa to cuddle and bond with them, keeping them off the sofa will certainly help to keep your leather sofa looking its best. As most pet owner would be familiar with, our cats and dogs love to scratch our furniture. This is in fact one of the biggest causes of damage to leather sofas.

Thus, as much as possible, try to keep your pets off your sofa, to prevent any potential scratches. This can be achieved through training and by giving them their own personal seats

Stains? Try these solutions. 

Stains are relatively uncommon on leather sofas but it doesn't mean that it's impossible for them to develop.The first step to preventing any stains is to clean up after an accident immediately, so that you don't give them any time to seep in and stain your sofa.

For general stains, use a dry cloth or some kitchen towels, and gently blot (not wipe!) the affected area. Follow up with your leather cleaner and leave it to dry completely. 

For grease and oil stains, avoid applying water on them as this could make things worse, and make the process of getting rid of the stain much more complicated. It's best to leave stains like these to the professionals, who are trained to get rid of these stains. 

If you were drinking any wine while sitting on your leather sofa and accidentally spilled them, don't panic! Simply remove the excess wine with a clean cloth or kitchen towels. You might then want to create a solution of water and mild soap, and gently apply the suds to the affected area, before gently dabbing the solution away with another cloth and leaving it to dry. Once it's fully dry, you might want to go in with a round of conditioning, to make sure your leather sofa looks nice and even. 

When dealing with stubborn stains, however, it's always best to leave it to the professionals, rather than to risk damaging your sofa any further. 

Cleaning and maintaining your leather sofa so it always looks its best is simple! For any questions regarding leather sofas or how to care for them, feel free to reach out to our customer support team via email at or our live chat, and we'll be more than happy to help! 


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