5 Tips For Maximising Every Square Foot Of Your Flat

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are constrained for space, with most Singaporeans living in flats and apartments. Every square foot in your home thus matters. Here are some tips to ensure that you can maximise every square foot so that no space ever goes to waste!

1. Think vertical

If you have ever taken a look at tiny homes, you will notice that they have one thing in common – they all take full advantage of their vertical space, whether it be furnishing upwards (eg. loft beds) or creating storage spaces on their walls. Think tall bookshelves, wall shelves or wall hooks to mount items like your cookware, utensils and folding chairs. 

Use of wall shelves in kitchen Use of shelves and hooks in kitchen

Exploit the often under-utilised spaces between the bottoms of your shelves and your countertop with hanging storage elements. 

Single tier adjustable kitchen hanging shelf with pot and containers stored on it    tension organiser with 1 caddy, 1 tray and 12 hooks being used to organise utensils

HEIAN Single Tier Adjustable Kitchen Hanging Shelf  $59.90 | Shop here

Anywhere Tension Organiser with 1 Caddy, 1 Tray and 12 hooks (White)  $59.90 | Shop here

Overall, your vertical space provides additional floorspace, so don’t let it go to waste!

2. Look behind closed doors

The back of our doors (eg. cabinet doors, bedroom doors, closet doors) are often untapped, uses of space though they offer great potential as additional storage spaces. Consider incorporating pieces like these to hang items like your bags, clothes and belts behind your doors. 

Over the door organiser hung on the wall

Estique Over-the-Door Organiser (White, Natural)  $34.90 | Shop here

Constantly having trouble finding your accessories and jewellery? Consider placing them in storage systems like these that help you to keep your accessories and jewellery organised, without eating into your existing floor footage. 

Jewelry over-the-door organiser being used in bedroom behind doorProduct image of valerina over-the-door organiser

Valerina Over-the-Door Organiser  $99 | Shop here

Tip: Always remember to double check the dimensions of your products, to ensure that your doors can still be closed!   

3. Opt for multi-functional pieces  

Choose multi-functional pieces that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, opt for pieces like these, that can double up as both a workspace as well as storage space. 

Multi-functional piece that can double up as a workspace and storage space

Sonja Study Rack  $589 | Shop here

Similarly, opt for storage cubes like these that can offer additional storage as well as serve as extra seating that can come in particularly handy when guests are over.

Lady putting magazines into foldable storage bench ottoman in grey  Lady putting books into foldable storage cube ottoman in grey

Domo Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman  $35.90 | Shop here

Domo Foldable Storage Cube Ottoman  $18.90 | Shop here

4. Look under your bed

Your bed is a piece of furniture that takes up relatively more room than the other pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Rather than letting this potential space go to waste, consider getting a storage bed, which provides additional storage space to stow away some of your belongings. Storage beds offer the perfect storage space to stash away your rarely used and bulky belongings such as your winter clothing, luggage, linen, etc. They're also the perfect hiding spot for your clutter. 

Velvet storage bed with 4 drawers  clothes stored in drawers of velvet storage bed

Mason 4 Drawer Queen Bed Moonstone (Velvet)  $649 | Shop here

Alternatively, stow your belongings in storage boxes that you can slide under your bed. Just make sure to take note of the measurements beforehand, so that they can comfortably fit under your bed!

Aykasa foldable boxes tucked under bed    Plastic box with wheels tucked under bed

Aykasa Foldable Box (Minibox to Maxibox)  — $6.90(minibox)-$42.90(maxibox) | Shop here

R-Box with Wheels 12L(XS)  to 80L (XXL)  $10.50(XS) to $31.90 (XXL) | Shop here

5. Declutter 

Many of us are probably guilty of hoarding items that we haven't touched or used in years. When dealing with limited space, that's even more of a reason to declutter your belongings and keep only those that you'll use or need. Selling or donating items you don’t need can also help you to make some extra cash, so that you have a larger budget for designing space-efficient solutions for your home. 

If you're interested in finding out about the additional benefits of decluttering, read this article: 5 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Home ASAP

Here are some of our tips for maximising every square foot of your flat so that no space ever goes to waste! For more tips on how to make a small room look larger, head to this article: 8 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger


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