What Millennial Pink? Be Yourself Greens & Who Cares What The World Says Oranges.

If you haven’t read about it, you have definitely seen this colour swiftly and most surely taking over the current era. The name is Pink - Millennial Pink.

Millennial Pink or ‘Tumblr Pink’ as it is also known, is a mix of dusty rose and baby pink, ballerina tutus and cheery blossoms, iPhone Rose and Pantone Rose Quartz Salmon and Strawberries and so on. It’s not just one particular hue. It is a combination of a lot of not-pink shade of pink that has made pink a little less pink.

Despite such vague identity, it seems to have stained and splashed every product imaginable – food, fashion, gadgets, cutlery, furniture, duck floats, chokers, polaroid and pretty much every where you look when you’re awake.

This no-name, no-face colour is sometimes associated with gender fluidity and rejection of overtly feminine ideals. This would be great except that when one eats a pink macaroon or uses a rose gold iPhone, or sits on a peach-rose chair, they are not thinking of feminine ideals. Wearing a not-so-pink pink sweatshirt is not representative of something larger.

Can a colour define a generation?

Can a colour define Gen Y, who believes that individuality is the only way to live? How is it realistically possible that an entire generation relate to this one colour with more than 50 shades? How can this one concept dominate the entire society, every where, every day?

Not conforming to these set of ideas/rules is what we believe in. Be your own kind of Millennial Pink, Green, Orange, Apricot, Mahogany, Aubergine, Dove Grey, Black or White! If you don’t want to pick one, be all of them or be none of them.

Be what inspires you.

Don't go with the flow or succumb to the pressure. Do want you want to do. Be your own kind of unique.

Splashes of colours

It might be a mix of bright colours to stimulate your eyes and brain that you enjoy.

Soft colours

Perhaps pastel colours is what inspires you the most.

Two tones

Or is it the monochromatic feel that moves the needle for you?

Millennial Pink

It might also be Millennial Pink that soothes you and makes you happy.

Choose your own colour

Like kids, who generally are oblivious to the social trends & pressure to follow suit, we as adults should also see past the vogue and never forget who we really are. Choose your colours today! :)


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