Never spend hours tidying your home again!

After a long week of work, we all want to take the weekend to rest...But wait! Saturday afternoons are spent cleaning and tidying the whole house instead of sitting down with a cuppa and a good book. We’re here to provide some simple tips as to how to keep your home tidy without spending hours tidying on your rest days! (But yes, cleaning up for 10 minutes every required.)

1. Open wardrobe

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Open wardrobes are great because they not only show off your clothes and give them some ventilation (so you don’t have that weird cupboard smell), they also force you to keep them tidy 24/7. This means you just have to hang your clothes after laundry day and you’re good to go! Get some drawer space for your intimates and miscellaneous items and viola, your forever tidy wardrobe.


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Speaking of laundry, don’t wait to pile up your clothes on the floor before throwing them into the laundry machine! They are unsightly and the mess makes you feel gross and disgusted too. All you need are some laundry baskets to hide the mess! They make for an easy way to bring your clothes to the machine too.

3. Goodbye Paperwork

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It might take you a while at the beginning to file all your paperwork, but trust us, it’s really worth it! Get some office organisation office organisation items to help you tidy your table and keep things easy to find. We recommend going paperless: scan all your important documents and save it in a hard drive. Remember to make a backup that will go into your fire proof box or safe. This way you don’t have extra paper lying around waiting to be blown away by the wind (or chewed by your dog)!

4. Get some help!

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If you’ve done the above three, it less likely for your house to have too much grime and dust, but little extra tip! Get a self vacuuming machines to go around your house at set timings of the day to rid yourself or crumbs, hair and just any small bits and pieces lying around the house. (Our intern’s machine is literally called saviour.) They work best on flat surfaces, and will work around areas like chairs and tables with their amazing sensors.


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