Parents' A-Z Guide on Buying Children’s Bunk Beds

When it comes to your kids bedrooms you need to get them a bed that match their lifestyle, age and personality and that can easily see your child throughout their whole childhood and early teen years. And when it comes to space optimisation, bunk beds are always the perfect solution!

Thinking a bunk bed might be the way to go? Here are our top considerations before your buy:

1.Are your kids old enough?

Source: Ni-Night

Usually bunk beds are only recommended for kids who are 4 years of age and above as it can be difficult to manoeuvre down the ladder at 3AM for a mid night toilet dash.

2. Ceiling fans mean no go!

Source: Ni-Night

If you have ceiling fans in the room, this can be a real danger when kiddies are on the top bunk, so make sure you avoid this.

3. Conversion is everything.

Source: Ni-night

Don't settle for the same setup, kids change and so your living circumstances. Choose a bunk bed that can also be converted into two standard single beds, should you want to separate the kids further down the line.

4. Trundles are not just for sleeping in.

Source: Ni-Night

We also suggest that you purchase a trundle for storage. Solid base frame means that you can store small items like lego inside right up to suitcases and toys!

5. Quality of wood is good for your health.

Source: Ni-Night

With the hot and humid environment in Singapore, often wood rot can occur with MDF like frames. Solid hardwood that has been drained of its sap for years and years before its felled, makes it an incredibly strong and dry wood. Wood rot means mould, but with a dry hardwood your kids are safe from these harmful effects!

Bunk beds are a highlight in any kids, childhood. The fun of dreaming up high, sharing with your friends or siblings and the endless imaginative play will mean that your little ones will be very happy with this purchase.

Ni-Night offers a wide range of children’s beds to make your decision much easier. Each of their beds are made with solid hardwood sourced from Vietnam. They don’t use MDF and are proud to give all our beds warranties. With free delivery and assembly it’s easy to see why Ni-Night beds are all the craze in Singapore. They believe in building beds that can easily see your child throughout their whole childhood and early teen years.


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