Here Is How To Prep Your Home For Raya Celebrations

As we approach the end of the holy month of Ramadan,
prep your abode for Hari Raya Celebrations.
From unique patterned rugs to classic tables to place your festive goodies,
we have all the ideas you need for this joyous occasion!

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Setting The Table


Cadencia Coffee Table $349 | Shop Here     

With an abundance of homemade treats such as ondeh-ondeh and pineapple tarts 

overflowing at the coffee table, this is a classic sturdy piece to hold all your Raya goodies.

Its aged brass coloured legs add a vintage touch to your living space, leaving your guests in awe.


Reconnecting With Comfort

Source: Elle Décor

Alero Loveseat $999 | Shop Here  

You can now accommodate all of your relatives and friends with this statement sofa.

Covered in dark green velvet, it instantly brightens up your living space and creates a glamorous look.

Rest assured, it is a comfy way to catch up with your loved ones when you ‘open house’.


Details Are Everything


Ritika Rug $299 | Shop Here 

Rugs offer a stylish yet comfortable space for your guests to settle down and huddle around

the sweets and treats.Its soft neutral tones easily blend into any interior. Do not underestimate

the subtle Arabian touch with quiet detailing; its intricacies will

surely elevate the style quotient and festive spirit.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Random Pendant Light $99 | Shop Here          

Ambient lighting is the simplest way to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

The yarns of rattan encapsulating the lightbulbs are a quirky twist to the traditional material,

enabling you to instantly create the festive vibes in your apartment.

Refresh your Interiors


Faux Lily Pot Set Botanicals $49.90 | Shop Here         

Give your living space a floral refresh by placing this set at your entryway or on your side table.

This colourful and decorative arrangement is pleasing to the eye and surely captures the spirit of Ramadan!

Start early and create the dreamy Raya look for your apartment today.

The HipVan Squad wishes everyone Selamat Hari Raya!


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