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October 15, 2013 | Find Pros | Interior Designers
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Need to add colours and do a complete makeover to your place? Want to create a feeling of a bigger, polished space? The theme, ambience and overall interior design of a place often give people a welcoming sense and a feel for how you operate your home and your business.

At ProjectFile, our interior designers are committed to making a space go from plain to perfect in no time at all.

WE CHOREOGRAPH EXPERIENCES. To us, space planning is a catalyst for elevating human engagement, when every occupant lives or idles around in comfort and with fluidity.

WE HARNESS EXPERTISE. We are a team of 30-something professionals whose combined years of experience in interior design enable us to undertake any challenge with exuberance and maturity.

WE CREATE BONDS. Our projects have graced the pages of design and lifestyle magazines that connect to a wide audience. Our clients are now dear friends who would readily recommend our name.

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Interior Design & Consultancy


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Projects Featured:

Ridgewood Close

Craig Place Loft

Tierra vue Condo