6 Smart Ways to Boost Property Value Through Good Design

The value of a property isn’t just about square feet, even though the size of a property dramatically affects its value. Valuers tend to disregard cosmetic improvements but the market places a premium on attractively decorated and carefully styled properties. If your property is in good condition, spending a little time furnishing and decorating your unit more attractively will make it outshine the competition and increase the sale price. Here are some simple ideas from Hipvan on how to use ‘good design’ to attract more buyers and increase its value.

1. Get Inspired

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Research your most likely buyer type so you can your rooms accordingly. You can also search for decorating inspiration in design-oriented magazines, books and and websites. Keep it simple, as you’re aiming to maximise the return on the investment of your time and money.

2. Let There Be Light

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Make each room in your house feel larger simply by letting more light in — a bright, white room feels larger and more open than a darker, dimly lit room full of clutter. Walls and upholstery in whiter colours and adding mirrors can make a room seem magically bigger and make the most of the square feet available.

3. Start With a Neutral Base

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A highly personalized home limits the number of buyers who may be interested. Paint your walls with neutral colour themes such as white, off-white and light grey to allow maximum room for buyer personalisation. This inexpensive ‘upgrade’ makes your rooms look relatively more spacious is one of the most underrated methods to add more dollars to the sale price of a property.

4. Declutter

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Clutter and old junk makes a room feel more cramped and less spacious. Genuine buyers are easily turned off by an unkempt house, leaving you only with offers from bargain hunters who won’t pay top dollar. Storage furniture in underused spaces can eliminate random books, laundry, kids toys and haphazard files. Containing your clutter out of sight in this way will help buyers appreciate your home in a positive light and encourage them to make more offer.

5. Style With Soft Furnishings

Image Source: Home Maker Magazine UK

Soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and bedding are a great, affordable way to add personality to a room without too big an investment. Since you’ve got a neutral base, go bold with bright pops of colour, quirky patterns or tactile textures. Buyers can always bring their own textiles with them and will appreciate your sense of style.

6. Invest in Quality Furniture & Decor

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Furniture and decor are integral to bringing out the charm and personality of a unit. Good quality sofas, cabinets, lamps, accessories and flowers don’t need to be expensive and can increase the value of your house or unit. With your understanding of the buyer type, choose furniture based on the style trends that appeal most to them. If you’re stuck with which furniture to choose however, you can always seek professional advice from interior designers.

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